How to Create a 2022 Youtube Channel

How to make the latest Youtube Channel 2022.

To create a youtube channel does not take a long time if you intend to create or build a youtube channel.

We only need gmail capital.

One example is video vlogs, eating, and fishing, for the audience of almost millions.

With the capital to make videos and the channel has been monetized, we can make money from a youtube channel.

The point is if we want to build a youtube channel, we have to be patient, friend, especially if we have to achieve some requirements from YouTube.

The most important point is that if you want to start creating YouTube content, without a cellphone, you can only create a channel about tutorials. The point is that you don’t need a lot of equipment.

It’s enough just a cellphone capital and a screen recorder, my friend can also build a youtube channel,

Or it could also be about everyday life, as an example that is viral on YouTube is the family channel Deso with only a cellphone and only making daily videos can be successful, friend. Of course, this is our passion for YouTube beginners.

My suggestion is to focus on one content, it will accelerate channel growth, and be diligent in sharing it on social media.

It may be that at the beginning you have difficulty in adding views and subscriber numbers, but there are still many ways, which can usually be shared on YouTube, now for ways to add subscribers or showtimes, you can watch on YouTube, many are discussing how to add views and subscribers. youtube.

Now, this time, Mimin only shares how to create a beginner YouTube channel in 2022.

The first step is to prepare a google or gmail account. Surely you already have it, right?

The next step you can do is go to your YouTube application, friend, then click on the profile section of our channel that we haven’t created.

For example as in the following picture;

then click on our account and then click on your channel menu section.

For example the image below:

Click on the menu section of your channel, then you will find a menu like the one below:

Friends, all you have to do is create your channel name and you can also change your profile directly. Then, just click on the Create channel section.

And automatically, your channel will be ready, friend. All you have to do is fill it in for the video.

It’s quite easy, not how to create a youtube channel, it doesn’t take long, my friend can create a youtube channel.

My advice is to just focus on one content so that your channel can grow quickly. And when it’s developed, you can also use other content, but when you’re a beginner, you must focus on just one content, friend.

Youtube Channel Latest Requirements, actually the requirements to build a youtube channel are the same, bro,

That is about 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, while 4000 hours of watch time is usually around 400,000 views. Depending on the duration of the video, my friend is long or just short.

Tips for beginners, try when creating a YouTube channel, the duration must be long, friend, so that it can quickly reach 4000 hours of broadcast

That’s a little article discussing how to create a 2022 youtube channel, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.