How to Create a 360° HDR Image with an Android Phone

Basically creating HDR 360 images requires special tools to make them perfect. And HDRI images themselves are needed because of the proper lighting in a scene. For example, making 3D models for VFX purposes so that.

But is it possible to create 360° HDR images using an Android phone? And the answer is YES, but the drawback is that you have to do it carefullyand it takes a little longer for the results to be perfect.

The manufacturing process is almost the same as using panoramic mode on the camera phone, and the way I share here will require additional applications that have been provided free of charge by Google.

Tutorial on Making HDR 360° Images Through Android

The applications that need to be installed are Google Street View, please download the application through the Play Store. There is a feature for taking 360-degree images which in my opinion is easy to use, but also requires accuracy so that the results are satisfactory.

  1. Open the app Google Street View.

  2. Tap the camera icon in the lower right corner.

    Tap Camera Icon

  3. Then select the option Take Photo Sphere.

    Select the Take Photo Sphere option

  4. Now please follow the dots that appear to take any pictures around.

    Creating 360 Degree HDR Images on Android

  5. When finished, please tap the check button to save it.

  6. Done, you can see the 360-degree image in the folder Pictures/Panoramas

Making 360° images will be easier and perfect in large area conditions. And the image you create will be saved in JPG format. And although the format is not HDR or EXR, the results are also quite good and detailed, maybe also depending on the quality of the camera on the cellphone.

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The final word

For the first time, maybe the results of the images you make are not as perfect as expected. But as long as you try it continuously, the results will definitely be better. And in the application there are also features to do undo if the image capture is not correct.

For shooting 360 images in a wide area such as in the field, it may not be a problem. But if the location is not large, you will need to switch sides to determine the proper shooting distance.

The Google Street View app also has a feature to connect to external 360 camera. If you have one, it will make the process much easier and faster without having to take one-by-one photos again.

Hopefully useful and good luck