How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete with Images

Easy way to create a blog – The world of blogging is a very fun activity, they can share information, share knowledge and experiences, build a wider network, online business, develop writing skills, add blogger friends from all over the world and of course there are many other benefits that I cannot mention one one by one. Many blogging platforms are scattered that you can get for free or paid, but for those of you who are still in the learning stage it is better to use a blog platform that is free but has many features then once you are really proficient in blogging you can use a paid blog platform.

Actually, there are also many free blogging platforms on the internet, but of course all have advantages and disadvantages between one blog platform and another. So, responding to that, it’s a good idea to pay attention to a free blog platform but it offers many features that make it easy to manage your blog and of course it’s easy for you to learn. Well I will suggest you to learn blogging using a blog platform from blogger, why do I suggest blogger as a good blog platform for learning, here are some of the advantages of blogger:

  • Very easy to use and learn even for a beginner
  • Free but not cheap because as you know this blog platform is owned by the internet giant is Google Inc. which was acquired from Pyra Lab.
  • Free and reliable hosting, you know, mbah Google has it hehehe…
  • For advanced blog templates, you can modify according to your wishes because it only uses HTML coding.
  • Still able to earn on the internet like independent ads or placing ads like Google Adsense
  • Many features are available and make it easier for bloggers (a term for people who have blogging activities) to navigate their blogs.
  • You can custom your own domain, if previously your blog was you could replace it with a TLD (top level domain) to
  • And many other advantages.
Create a Blog On Blogger Complete With Images
So how are you interested in starting to create a blog on the blogger platform, if so, here I will share how to create a blog on blogger complete with pictures:

1 Go to and if you don’t have an account from Google then you have to make it first like the picture below, you can also read how create a google account/email in our other articles. If you already have enter your email and password then log in.

2 You will be taken to the blogger home page where your blog is placed if you already have one later, you need to know that your 1 google account can create blogs of up to 100 blogs. If you are just starting to want to create a blog, then click on the new blog, see the image below:

  The world of blogging is a very fun activity How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete with Pictures

3 Now there will be a pops up window or a floating page that asks you to enter the name of the blog title, your blog address, and the template or blog theme you want to use. A little information about the form:

  • Blog title : The title of your blog can be your name or what theme you want to discuss on the blog, if the blog contains health then the title could be World Health or whatever according to the contents of your blog.
  • blog address : Is a unique name given by the server to name & identify your blog (that’s why there are no identical or identical blog addresses), enter your blog’s address if it’s already used or not available, replace it with another address until it’s available.
  • Templates : Is a theme that makes up your blog page like the wrapper of your blog hehehehe….Please select it and proceed to Create a blog like the image below:

  The world of blogging is a very fun activity How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete with Pictures

4 After you click, your blog is ready, and to start filling in with your writing or blog articles, click on a pencil drawing similar to see in the image below:

  The world of blogging is a very fun activity How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete with Pictures

5 You will be taken into the article writing menu of your blog, you can modify the text, insert images or videos or other features are widely available on this page, if you have completed your writing, all you have to do is publish or publish your article so that it can be read by all people of various kinds. shards of the world like the picture below:

  The world of blogging is a very fun activity How to Create a Blog on Blogger Complete with Pictures

Now it’s very easy to create a blog on blogger, you can read all of our articles related to the world of blogging by visiting our articles on the blogging label. Thank you and hope it is useful.