How to Create a Resign / Resignation Letter

When you have a decision to quit your job at a company, of course you submit a letter of resignation or resign to the company. The resignation letter has a function for you to notify the company that you want to quit your job for some reason and the company will give notices and opportunities for them to find and get new employees according to the job position you are going to leave.

Not only that, a resignation letter is a form of your professionalism, if you want to enter a company of course you need to get an entry permit in the form of a job application letter, as well as when you want to leave the company position you also need to say goodbye with a resignation letter.

The other purpose of submitting the letter is to show our courtesy to the company where you work and to maintain our good relationship with the company, even though we have stopped working. Fostering good relationships both individually and institutionally is absolutely necessary. There are several reasons why someone wants to resign from their work area. Starting from boredom or boredom, incompatibility with the company or other superiors and employees, getting other job offers that are more interesting and so on.

There are several conditions that you should do before compiling a letter of resignation or reesign, here are some terms and laws that are good in compiling a resignation letter:

  1. The content of the letter must be short, clear and not lengthy (adjust and focus on the purpose and content of the resignation).
  2. Give a perfect reason for your resignation from the company
  3. There is a thank you to the company, management and other employees that you will leave. Because after all you have worked together in the company that you will leave.
  4. Convey your apologies to the company, superiors and other employees. During your work, of course, you have made mistakes, whether intentional or not.

Format / Composition of resignation letter or resign

The format or composition of the resignation letter can be adjusted according to the conditions needed, so here are some references to the most commonly used resignation letters.

Sample resignation letter 1

City Name, Date Month Year


HR Manager

PT. Your Company Name

Your Company Address

Yours faithfully,

Through this letter, I (your name) intend to resign from (name of the company where you work) as (your last position in the company), starting from the date (date of your resignation).

I thank you for the opportunity that has been given to me to work at (name of company where you work). I also apologize to all employees and administration (name of the company you work for) if there are mistakes or mistakes that I have made while working.

I always hope (name of the company where you work) can continue to grow and always get the best.

Yours faithfully,

Your Full Name

Sample resignation letter 2

Place name, Date/Month/Year


HR Manager

Your company name

Your company address

Company city/province name

Yours faithfully,

Through this letter, I (Your Name) intend to resign from (Name of your company) as (last position), as of (date/month/year). I thank you for the opportunity given to me to work at (company name). The reason for my resignation is because I want to add insight and experience in other companies.

I also express my deepest apologies to all employees and administration (name of your company) if during work I have made mistakes that I have done, whether intentionally or not.

I hope that (name of your company) will always progress and develop so that it can make its employees more prosperous. Thus, I wrote this resignation letter, thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

(your name)

Sample Resignation Letter 3

Name, Date/ Month/Year


Head of Personnel (Name of your company)

In place

Yours faithfully,

Through this letter I as an employee of PT. Sukamaju according to the Letter of Collective Agreement (SKB) regarding employment and the labor law that surrounds it, the undersigned below:

Name: Your name

Department: Your company snippet

Position: Last position

No. Employee : No employee ID

Intends to submit a letter of resignation from (name of company) on the grounds of declining health conditions. I hope the company can understand my condition and offer rights according to the applicable regulations.

Thus, I make this resignation letter without coercion. For the company’s contribution and support to me so far, I thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

Your name