How to Create a Secure Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot

How to Make Anonymous Chat Telegram bot – On Telegram, the messaging application that many consider the best alternative to Whatsapp, you can create anonymous telegram chats with other users without revealing your identity. Let’s see how to do it.

Follow the instructions that I am about to give you carefully, identify the solution that you think will best suit your needs and I guarantee that, by applying my “tips”, you will be able to start making Anonymous Chat Telegram secure in no time at all.

Information on Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot

Illustration of anonymous chat telegram bot – By Caraqu

Before getting to the heart of this tutorial and explaining how to create an Anonymous chat bot telegram, let me list the solutions available to you and the main differences between each.

An anonymous chat is simply a chat between two unknown people who have no way of tracking their speaking identity. This is not a native Telegram feature and to start a conversation anonymously, you have to rely on certain Telegram bots.

If you haven’t heard of Telegram bots before, it will be useful to know that they are nothing more than artificial users of the popular messaging app, made up of a series of codes, which allow you to interact with human users in a single chat, group and channel.

Telegram bot for anonymous chat allows you to be randomly matched with other users using the same bot to start a conversation and talk about any subject, without knowing the data of the interlocutor.

On the other hand, if you intend to chat with one of your contacts but without leaving any traces at the end of the conversation, it would be useful to know that you can use Telegram’s secret chat function. Unlike regular chats, secret conversations use end-to-end encryption: only those directly involved can read messages and no one else can decrypt or intercept them, not even Telegram managers.

Furthermore, secret chats are not stored in the Telegram cloud but only on your device. This means that they can only be accessed from the smartphone or computer from which they were started. Finally, it is possible to set a timer for the self-destruction of the entire conversation, which will be automatically deleted both on your own device and on the other person’s device.

Finally, you can set a delete timer for all conversations to be automatically deleted, both on your own device and on the device of the other person.

How to Make Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot

The way to create Anonymous chats on Telegram is easy and safe. All you have to do is choose the solution you are interested in between bots and Telegram groups, enter your message and start a conversation. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right away below!

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Telegram Bot for Anonymous Chat

As mentioned in the introductory lines of this guide, Telegram bot for Anonymous Chat allows you to start chatting with other users without revealing your Identity and tracking the data of your interlocutor.

If you’re wondering what Telegram bots do to meet new people (or at least initially) without revealing your information, I recommend using Secret chat bot which allows you to start a random anonymous conversation after selecting the language you are interested in.

To use the bot in question, launch the Telegram application on the cellphone, type the bot’s username in the submenu chat( @kafaddress ) in the field Search posts or users and her name appears in search results to start a chat.

On the other hand, if you are using Telegram from a PC, enter username @cafaddress field search located at the top left and click on the first result to open the chat.

To start chatting anonymously, click the button Start, To start interacting with the bot, select the language you are interested in from the . section Set language you and tap the button New chat (or type command / new conversation ), it will randomly match with other users and start a conversation.

Once this is done, all you have to do is send message to the appropriate field and press the icon ok .

It’s important to know that you can stop the chat at any time by clicking on an option. Exit chat or by typing the command / Leavechat

Instead of pressing a button, other users (or by typing the command / nextchat ) can pause an ongoing chat, start searching for other users, and start a new conversation.

How can you say Wondering if it’s possible to set a search filter to match users of the same age or in your neighborhood? If so, you’ll be happy to hear a positive answer.

Clicking configuration options (or typing the command / Settings ) and select an item. When clicking options Annual you can enter the date of birth and age range of the business partner you are interested in. You can post location position you and let bots match you with users in your environment.

Also, accessing the section you can set the type sex membership sex You and the person you want to chat with. But in the second case, you must first invite at least 5 friends to use Chat Incognito Bot to unlock this feature.

Final, configuration access section from bot and select option Reopen chat request you can allow the user you are chatting with to send you a chat re-open request within 5 minutes of closing.

Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot Overseas

Anonymous Chat Telegram Bot Overseas

Among the solutions for chatting anonymously that you can consider, there are also Telegram groups, which allow you to start conversations, both public and private, with other users present in them. In this case, it would be useful to know that there are also groups created specifically for making new acquaintances, such as Web Friends .

If you think this is the best solution to create anonymous telegram chat abroad with other users you don’t know on Telegram, first of all I suggest you access your account settings and, if you haven’t already, limit the visibility of your data.

Then press the icon gears to access Arrangement Telegram, select an option Privacy and security press phone number and Profile photo items and select my Contact items , to show your phone number and photo only to people you’ve added. your Telegram contacts. In addition, you can also limit the visibility of your last login and status, as well as choose who can contact you, forward messages, and add you to groups and channels.

Once this is done, to join the group and start chatting, start Telegram, access the section Chat and enter the name of the group you are interested in in the field Search messages or users then press her name (this should be the first result) and select the option Join , to join a group and start chatting with other users. In that case, my guide on how to search for groups on Telegram and how to join Telegram groups may be useful for you.

It’s helpful to know that you can also start a private conversation with one person who is part of a group. To do this, click on the photo of the user you are interested in and choose one of the available options between Send message , to start a normal chat, or Start secret chat , to start a secret conversation.

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How to Create a Secret Chat on Telegram

If you want to start an anonymous chat with chat secret on Telegram all you have to do is select the person you are interested in, access their profile and select an option Start a secret chat from screen that is displayed.

The procedure is the same when using the app for phones and tablets and using Telegram on PC.

To continue, start selecting the option on your Telegram device Char (speech bubble icon ) and if you have already started a conversation with the person you want to chat secretly with, the contact in question.

On the other hand, if you want to start a new conversation, enter the name of the person you are interested in in this field. Tap to open message or screen Search user chat.

Now select the input from the person who her name you want to have information secret conversation (not required from PC) and select the option Start secret chat

As soon as the user in question logs into Telegram and accepts your invitation to participate in the secret chat, the message will be in the appropriate field and press the icon ok to send and start a chat.

Note that you can also set a timer to automatically delete messages in secret chats. If you have a device android tap icon three dots at the top right, select an option Self-destruct timer and set the timer you want (minimum 1 second and maximum 1 week ).

On the other hand, Telegram iPhone / iPad to PC click o’clock appears near the area message select the option you are interested in and tap the button Done set the timer for new messages to self-destruct.

Well, that was the tutorial on how to make Anonymous chat Telegram bots in Indonesia or even abroad. If anyone is still confused, you can comment below.