How to Create a VLive Account via HP and PC – K-POPers definitely know about vlive app. Entertainment application hosted by Naver Corporation which can connect fans with their idol Korean celebrities.

The Vlive app is basically similar to YouTube. The difference is, only South Korean Idols can have this Vlive channel. Yes, you could say this application only accommodates Korean artists’ channels. Artists from other countries?, as far as we know there are none.

Vlive, has 2 types of channels. Namely, the subscription version (+) and the regular version, aka free. On this regular channel, everyone who already has a Vlive account can watch videos from these actresses for FREE!

Meanwhile, on the + or paid channel. If users want to watch videos of oppas or eonni, they need to do purchasing number of coins. Well, to buy these coins users will be charged varying fees.

Talking about the Vlive application, do you know K-POPers How do I create an account on this app? Actually, to create a Vlive account is not so difficult, users only need to take a few steps to have access to this application.

For those of you who really want to join in and point to Korean artists in this application. Our SerbaGratis95 team will provide a brief guide on how to create a Vlive account easily and quickly. Here’s the explanation!

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How to Create a VLive Account via HP and PC

1. Create a Vlive account via HP

To create a Vlive account, the first thing you need to do is download the application first. If you don’t have it, we have prepared the link below!

After entering the main page of this application, please tap the avatar image of the person that says My. In the lower right corner of the screen.

Well, in My Menu, just tap on the text Please come in, at the top of the screen. Later the user will be thrown on the Vlive account list page.

Second Stage Create a Vlife account

On this page, you will be given the option of logging in using multiple accounts, for example:

  • Facebook
  • Google (g-mail)
  • Line, and several other accounts such as: Naver, Twitter and Apple.

Choose one of these options. (recommendation using g-mail)

Third Stage Create a Vlife account

Because in the example of this article we use email. Please enter your g-mail along with the password. (for other ways, just adjust it).

After entering the g-mail and password. So, congratulations!, you have successfully created your own Vlive account.

Fourth Stage Create a Vlife account

Well, for potential users who want to register a Vlive account via PC\Laptop. So that the image of the idol artist looks bigger and clearer. We will also provide a short tutorial for you.

2. Create a Vlive account via PC\Laptop

Without further ado, let’s go straight to step by step how to list.

create a Vlive account via PC\Laptop
Picture Guide

Please open your flagship browser, whether it’s Google Crome or Mozilla FireFox. Then, write in the search menu the site address Vlive. Later you will be directed to the Vlive site with the official address. (if it doesn’t change,

Just tap on the site address. Then, potential users will be thrown on the main Vlive page.

After entering the main page, please tap Menu 3 Lines in the upper-left side of the screen. Then tap on the text Enter.

Like how to register for vapps using a cellphone, prospective users also need to enter the account to be registered, such as: g-mail (Google), Facebook, Line, Naver, Twitter, Apple, Weibo, and QQ.

Fill in according to the account used to login Vlive. (enter username and password). Then, tap Login\ login.

At this stage, potential users will be redirect directly to the main page of the Vlive site. This indicates that the user already officially has a Vlivemu account.

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That’s the guide to creating a Vlive 2022 account that we can convey. Hopefully with the presence of these tips can be useful for K-POPers homeland.

In this application, users can interact directly with your favorite idol by following the channel directly. We can also enliven the chat room created by the channel owner, share photos, and interact directly between fans. Cool isn’t it?