How to Create a Webmoney Account (Wmz) Complete With Pictures

WebMoney transfer or WMZ or more commonly known as Webmoney is a global system of storage, purchase and payment for online business activities, founded in 1998. This system is the same as similar systems such as other payment processors such as Paypal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payza and other payment processors.

Webmoney transfer or WMZ claims to have more than 30 million users worldwide, although initially this system was targeted mainly for clients in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries, but is now widely used worldwide. WebMoney Technology Transfer is based on providing all users with an interface that allows the operation and control of individual property rights to valuables (assets), stored in a special entity – the Guarantor.

This system allows Internet users to carry out secure transactions in real time using WebMoney units (WM-units). Users can make payments for goods (online shop purchases), withdraw money from online events or deposit money. Currently tens of thousands of shops and online services get WebMoney payments generally in most European countries, WebMoney Transfer also provides online financial services, P2P payment solutions, internet-based trading platforms (Forex trading), merchant services and online billing systems.

For account replenishment funds can be deposited into a WebMoney account using online and offline bank transfers (available only in Russia), debit and credit cards, prepaid cards and vouchers, money transfer systems, by conversion from other electronic currencies (money changers), use retail stores, exchange offices and cash-in points.

The main address of the Webmoney or WMZ system for technical grants is in Moscow and the director is in London.

Webmoney System Security

WebMoney transactions do not require a credit card or bank account. Security is provided at the system level. WebMoney has a list of security settings to protect accounts. It includes three main authentication methods:

  • Login and password
  • File with secret key
  • Personal digital certificate

And two additional methods:

  • SMS verification code
  • E-NUM, internal service for generating single numbers using passwords

E-NUM is an alternative two factor authentication service for sms. The API of this service is free and available to external website owners. E-NUM provides a second security factor that is relevant for any closed on-line services and web areas, where secure authentication is required (eg online banking). E-NUM generates single use passwords, according to the “challenge-response” method and displays only correct response prompts, works on all platforms. FCA license to issue e-money in the European Union. So using a webmoney account is quite safe to do.

In November 2022, WebMoney Europe Ltd headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom announced FCA’s acquisition of a license that allows for issuing e-money in all countries within the European Economic Area.

You can withdraw the funds in your Webmoney account by using the services of a trusted money changer that is widely available online on the Internet. The money will be transferred to your bank account after carrying out the transaction in accordance with the dollar conversion (usually a management fee is charged for using the services of a money exchanger). Now, about how to create an account on webmoney:

2 Sign Up / Register as shown below:
3 After clicking register/sign up, a browser window will appear to enter your cellphone number, make sure your cellphone number is active for authentication then click proceed, see picture below:
  WebMoney transfer or WMZ or better known in general as Webmoney is a system How to Create a Webmoney Account (WMZ) Complete With Pictures

4 Next, fill in the WebMoney Registration Form with the actual data, and after making sure all the data is filled in correctly then click proceed, see the image below:

5 Procced

6 Check Email To Enter the Code that was sent to your email, and enter the code given as shown in the image below:

7 Next Enter the Verify Code that was sent to our cellphone number

8 Complete Registration

9 The Account is Ready, Take Care of the Code WMID

10 Now We Create Wallet or WebMoney Account

11 This is our WebMoney Account Number

12 Example for Payment to be sent to our WebMoney Wallet

Notes : To Exchange WebMoney Balance to Rupiah, please use a trusted money exchanger site, there are many available on the internet to withdraw WMZ balance to your bank account. Ok, happy shopping or getting paid from online activities using Webmoney. (Image quoted from the site