How to Create and Remove Watermarks in Microsoft Word

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, of course, often use the Microsoft Word application as a medium for expressing thoughts in written form. Not only that, almost every job in this world must use this application as a job support.

Through the Microsoft Word application, we can then create a document that contains writing for various purposes, for example for correspondence needs, doing assignments for students, working on office projects and so on.

However, with the development of technology, the level of misuse of this technology has also increased, especially in the theft of documents which then claim that it is their personal choice. The theft is then better known as plagiarism where someone steals (copys)/takes our work (in the form of writing and pictures) and then uses it for their personal needs. In some cases, the documents are then sold for personal gain.

Now to avoid such incidents, one way we can do to mark that it is ours is to add a watermark to the document we create.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a watermark in the form of an image or text (organizational and personal) that describes ownership rights and is usually attached to an object (text and images).

Fortunately Microsoft Office Word has a feature to add this watermark that can be attached to your document to avoid the crimes that I have mentioned above.

So how do you add a watermark in Microsoft Word? Here are the steps you can do complete with an explanation.

How to Add Watermark in Microsoft Word

To add a watermark to your document:

  • First of all, please open your Microsoft Office Word on your computer
  • Next, please go to the Menu Bar then select Page Layout => Watermark => Custom Watermark

Adding Image Watermark in Ms Word

First we will insert a watermark in the form of an image into the worksheet (behind the text). Make sure that you have created your own watermark in the form of an image and just insert it into the worksheet later. If it already exists, how to insert it as follows:

  • On the window Printed Watermarkplease click Picture Watermark then click Select Pictures
  • After that you will be directed to storage on the computer, please find the location where you have saved the watermark, and if you have found it please click on the image then select Insert
  • Next you will be redirected back to the Printed Watermark window. Now there you need to adjust further about the watermark settings that will be displayed, for example:
    • Scale: To determine the percentage scale of the watermark image
    • Washout: check to make the watermark more transparent and remove the check mark to make the watermark look brighter (sharp).
  • In those settings, you can click Apply to preview the appearance of the watermark on the worksheet and if it fits, please click OK then the settings will be saved to your worksheet.

Adding Text Watermark in Ms Word

Next we will try to add a watermark in the form of text in Microsoft Word. The steps are as follows:

  • In the Printed Watermark earlier, please click on the Text Watermark. In the Text Watermark, there are several sections that are used to edit the watermark text that will be displayed such as:
    • Language: used to select language
    • Text: used to enter watermark text that will be displayed in the document
    • Font: used to select the watermark font
    • Size: used to determine the size of the watermark
    • Color: used to specify the color of the watermark
    • Semitransparent: Uncheck to make the watermark clear, tick to make it a little less visible
    • Layout: used to adjust the position of the watermark
  • Use Apply to preview how it looks on your worksheet, and if it feels good then please click OK to apply it.

How to Remove Watermark in Microsoft Word

It may be that you feel that the document does not need a watermark added to it and you want to remove the watermark that has been added. So how do you remove the watermark? Here are the steps.

  • First of all, please open Microsoft word
  • Then in Menu BarPlease select Page Layout => Watermark => Remove Watermark
  • If so, the watermark will automatically disappear from your worksheet.


That’s my review of how to create and remove watermarks in Microsoft Word, hopefully my discussion this time can help you solve your problems around the Microsoft Word application. Thank you

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