How to Create Animated Twitter Follower Widget on Blog

After skipping writing for a long time in the blogging category, this time I will share a little about how to create animated Twitter followers on your blog. How to make it is quite easy, you know, you just need to install the script wherever your blog section can be under posts, in the sidebar widget or anywhere according to your wishes. This widget is perfect for adding blog followers via twitter. If other Twitter follower widgets may not look attractive, then this Twitter follower widget will certainly be more interesting because it uses a flash animated system that moves so that it attracts visitors to click on it and become a blog follower on the Twitter social media site.

And what I will share this time is 3 kinds of animated Twitter follower widget, choose what you like and you can just install it on your blog easily. How to make it quite easy, go to the blogger dashboard, click layout, add a widget or gadget then click HTML/Javascript and enter the instructions as below:

The script:

< param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>username=yourtwitter accountname“/> gamblingusername=yourtwitter accountname“>

The script:

username=yourtwitter accountname“>online gambling insider.causername=yourtwitter accountname“>

The script:

username=yourtwitter account“>< /a>username=yourtwitter accountname“>

Notes: What I love is in bold blue, replace it with your twitter account.