How to Create Gres Gmail On Android (Complete With Pictures)

Create gmail on Android – Google mail or more often referred to as gmail is an email service from Google that is integrated with other Google friends such as Google analytics, Google playstore, youtube, webmaster, search, Google plus, Maps and other websites that are Google’s friends. So you have 1 email account and that is also an account for the Google friend service website as I mentioned above.

Until now Gmail is a web email platform that is most widely used by users or users from around the world and is followed by Yahoo email in second place (you can also read our other articles about how to create email on yahoo). And you can also create emails from Google easily via your Android smartphone or cellphone. So here are some steps on how to create Gmail on an Android phone complete with pictures:

1 Make sure your android phone or smartphone already has Google Chrome, if you don’t have it, please download it first on the Playstore.

2 Open Google chrome then go to Google mail or at , and you will be taken to the Google Email login page as shown below and click create account.

3 After you click create account, you will enter the registration form which you must fill in completely (make sure you fill in all the data correctly for future facilities). Fill in completely and in detail with the following conditions:

  • Name : Is your name, fill in the full name of the first and last name.
  • Username : Is the name that will be used as the name of your email identity, as a pattern [email protected]
  • Password : This is the password that you use to log in or enter your email page, make sure to create a password that is complex (not easy to guess) but you don’t forget it easily. Also read our other articles how to create strong passwords.
  • Confirm password : Password reset, write down the password you just entered again this is to verify the password you entered before.
  • Date of birth : Fill in your date of birth starting from the year, month and last date.
  • Gender : Fill in your gender.
  • Mobile : This is a cellphone number that can be contacted as a way for Google to verify your email account, usually Google will send a unique directive that will be entered into the account verification form by sms or call depending on which option you choose.
  • Your email : Fill in the email you already have for account recovery in case you forget your password or your email is hijacked.
  • Capctha : is a directive that you must write to show that you are not a robot.
  • Location : Select the country where you live.
  • Terms & use : Check that you agree to Google’s policies and terms.
  • Next step : After you make sure all your data is filled correctly then click this feature.

For all the above processes, see a pattern similar to the image below:

4 After you click the next step, a page will appear informing you that verification needs to be done via telephone number, either sms or call (in my opinion, sms is better). Then click continue see the image as below:

5 Some time you will be sent an sms by Google showing a unique code that you must enter for verification, enter the unique code and click continue see the image below:

6 If you enter the unique instructions given by Google correctly then after you click continue, then you will be taken to a page where there is a notification or welcome, it means you have succeeded and successfully created a gmail account on your android, click continue to gmail to open the inbox e-mail on Google mail,

Well, it’s easy, right, how to create an email account on Android the easy way, so that the article above is useful for you and thank you for visiting this blog.