How to Create Polls on Telegram Channels and Groups

Here you will learn how to create a poll on Telegram with the survey feature available in Telegram groups and channels. With the latest update to the app, it has been announced that it is now possible to add polls on telegram.

The instant messaging app Telegram was introduced into the world of technology by Pavel Durov. It started increasing its use more and more by adding new features every day. It added features poll as the last feature. Thanks to this feature, public opinion research can be carried out.

Now in the survey user group on telegram they can start working. We will explain how to create a poll on telegram.

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  • To use poll feature Telegram, You must install the latest version. If the latest version is not installed, just update it.
  • To use this feature, you must be a member of a group or open a group.
  • Tap Paperclip in bottom right corner next to the Send voice message section.
  • Touch the place that says poll on open window.
  • To apply question submit question on where said the question.
  • For options related to the question, write the answer options related to your question in the section option.
  • After applying this written information, your survey is created and ready to be shared with the group.

[su_heading size=”25″]How to Use the Polling Feature on Telegram[/su_heading]

To be able to use Telegram’s request function, the latest version of Telegram must first be installed on your phone. Devices that do not have the latest version can update the app to the latest version. People who want to participate in surveys must be part of the group or the group founder. Polls cannot be sent individually, polls are sent in groups.

To send your survey, tap the paperclip icon next to the Voicemail button in the lower-right corner. Then click on the ” poll” in the screen that opens and type the question you want to ask in the “Question” field. Under the options for the problem, write the options for the question. Finally, share the poll, send it to people in the group, and track the results.

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[su_heading size=”25″]Best Telegram Polling Bot[/su_heading]

With Quiz Bot, you can interview people on your Telegram channel. With this bot, you can define answers and questions and see how many people answered which answer. Also, you can make your questions more interesting by adding an image before the survey.

So I share a tutorial on how to make a poll on Telegram. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get more notifications.