How to Create the Most Comments Widget on Blogger

Most comments widget – Most comments widget or the most comments widget is a supporting tool for blogs that displays the highest number of comments on a blog post. The point, of course, is for you or your blog visitors to know the content of the most talked about post articles. This is also of course an advantage for you as a blog owner to make an article post that has a lot of comments, it means that your blog article provokes a reaction from your readers.

How to create this widget is not too difficult, you don’t need to change your blog’s HTML code, all you need is to add HTML code to your blog’s layout. Apart from being useful as I explained above, this most commented widget also certainly beautifies the appearance of your blog because it is quite light and elegant. Here’s how to create the most comments widget on your blog.

Most comments widget on Blogger

  1. Login your blogger account/ layout/ Add HTML or Javascript.
  2. Enter the code below then save
  3. HTML/Javascript code you must enter:

Note: Replace the red color with your blog’s url address, replace the blue color according to the number of comments that will be displayed.