How to Cut Songs on the Latest Tiktok

How to Cut Songs on the Latest Tiktok_ Tiktok is a social media that is crowded with android users, and even today many people open the Tiktok application compared to other applications. On this occasion we will discuss How to Cut Songs on Tiktok. .

How to cut music on tiktok many android users are looking for when they want to upload videos on tiktok, on tiktok itself there are two features to cut music and music on tiktok, the first is that we can cut music in tiktok videos if we want to upload tiktok videos and the other the second is that we can immediately cut the tiktok video according to the seconds we want. For those of you who are still confused about how to cut songs and music on tiktok right in this article, we will provide a review on how to cut songs on the latest tiktok. But before that, let’s review this tiktok application first.

Tiktok itself provides many features so that many tiktok users like this tiktok application. Tiktok itself is an application by sharing short videos or short videos by preparing several features such as live tiktok, and tiktok monetization. We can also share short videos that we make various videos that you will find in this tiktok application, from funny, sad, upset, news, etc. videos you can find in this tiktok application.

Of course, currently TikTok is open more than other applications, maybe for those of you who want to have this TikTok application, you can get it on the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

Tiktok itself prepares various features for its users to stay comfortable using this tiktok, namely the monetization feature, tiktok monetization itself is a feature where tiktok users can make money on tiktok easily, one of the most popular is the live tiktok figure, and tiktok shop or affiliate tiktok for those of you who want to get commissions on tiktok, and for tiktok sellers, they can sell their goods or products on tiktok.

Of the two things above, of course, many like this tiktok application. Because there are many features that can be obtained between tiktok users and those who sell products on tiktok. tiktok shop with a fairly large commission if you join this tiktok shop.

As we mentioned above we will discuss how to cut music on this tiktok application if you are a beginner in tiktok.

How To Cut Music In Latest Tiktok

Here are the steps for those of you who want to cut a song or music in a tiktok video.

First open your tiktok application, if you want to upload a video you can cut the song if you want to cut the music.

Prepare the video that you want to upload, then tap on the music menu at the top of the video that you want to upload, after that there will be a menu of the music you use.

In the music menu there will be a feature or a menu of scissors and label images,

If you want to cut the music, you can tap the scissors logo option, just swipe right or left to cut the tiktok video you want to upload.

Then if you want to directly cut off your voice on tiktok, how to open your tiktok, tap on the menu logo( +) and notice at the top a sound menu will appear, you just click on it then you will be taken to some music, you just tap the logo scissors if you want to cut for the tiktok music.

Thus the discussion of How to Cut Music on the Latest Tiktok, Hopefully Helpful And Thank You.