How to Delete an Expired Indosat Package, Work! – When an Indosat card user has expired the SMS, voice, or internet package activation period, sometimes he doesn’t want to subscribe to the package again and wants to delete the package. However, some Indosat card customers don’t know how to do it.

Well, below, we will show you various ways to delete Indosat packages that have run out in various ways. So, Indosat customers, whether it’s IM3 Ooredo or others, don’t need to subscribe to the package before you bought it. Here’s how to stop it.

How to Delete an Expired Indosat Package

There are several options that you can do if you want to stop subscribing to the Indosat package. Well, below we will provide an easy guide for you:

1. Stop Indosat Packages via SMS

The first way to stop the package is to use the message or SMS method. This method is quite practical because there is no need to remove internet data. The steps are:

  • Open the Messages app on your cellphone
  • Type Unregthen send to 363
  • Wait for a reply message that provides information about the termination of the internet package, calls & sms that followed earlier.

2. Unsubscribe Package via Dial

The second method is not much different from the first, namely without using internet data. It’s just that this second method uses UMB dial instead of messages. For how to remove the previous package, you can follow the method below.

  • Open the Call app
  • Type dial *123# then click OK\Call.
  • Then, select the ‘Internet/Nelp/SMS’ option.
  • Next, select ‘Status and Info’.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Stop’ option
  • To provide confidence that you want to unsubscribe from the Indosat package, please do ‘Confirmation’. done

Another dial alternative is *123*22# > Stop > Choose Internet Package. There will be a notification whether you are sure you want to unsubscribe from the internet package. Click Yes to continue.

There will be a message from the Indosat operator that you will stop subscribing to the internet package that you used previously or that has been deleted.

3. How to Stop Your Own Lost Credit Packages

Sometimes, Indosat card users subscribe to a monthly or weekly internet package. But the pulse when using it, the pulse that is still stored is suddenly sucked out of nothing left. So the intention arises to stop using the package.

In other cases, some users suddenly experience the occurrence of the pulse being sucked out. In fact, you don’t feel like participating in the NSP promo, Netfix, or other packages.

Julybe the following method can help you in dealing with this. For more details, please check below!

  • Please go to the Calls app.
  • Then type dial *123#
  • The next step, select an option Info
  • Then, select ‘Customer Service’.
  • After that, click ‘Unreg Service Content’.
  • And finally, select ‘Unreg All Services’.

So by doing the steps above you have successfully removed the package associated with the Indosat provider card. In this way, the withdrawal of Indosat Im3 Ooredo credit or others has been successfully stopped. Happy!

4. How to Delete Expired Indosat Packages on My IM3

  1. Log in to the MyIm3 app
  2. Then scroll to the ‘Data Plan Remaining’ section (bottom of the MyIm3 app homepage).
  3. There you will find the internet package that you previously purchased. Along with the remaining quota that still exists.
  4. Well, to remove the package. please click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, then an option will appear ‘delete package, change package and buy extra quota’.
  5. Select ‘Delete Package’ to unsubscribe from the internet package. Done

Notes: not all packages in MyIm3 provide ‘Delete Package’ feature. So, if the package you are using now does not have this service, please choose one of the methods above.

This is the information that we can convey regarding how to delete an Indosat package that has previously been exhausted. Hopefully, with some of the ways we provide it will make it easier for you to unsubscribe from the previous Indosat package. That’s it and good luck.