How to Delete Contacts on the Latest OPPO 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, this time Mimin will discuss how to delete contacts on all types of Oppo cellphones.

Now specifically for friends who want to delete contacts on the Oppo cellphone, so that you can delete contacts, you can enter the settings menu on your Oppo cellphone, friend. Then you can enter the contact section and from this menu, you can delete the contacts you want by pressing the delete contact menu section.

After that, you can also choose the contact you want to delete or not. In this case, you can delete more than one contact. And if it’s finished, my friend can just click on the delete contact menu.

For other methods, you can also use the methods below.

1. Go to the contact application menu

2. Select the contact to be deleted

3. And select the delete menu from the menu that is displayed, friend.

Then if you want to delete multiple contacts at once, you can use the method below, friend.

You can click on the edit section at the top right corner of the page, then just select the contact you want to delete then just delete the contact you want, friend.


Well, for the next time, Mimin will discuss how to activate fingerprints on your Oppo cellphone. This method is so that someone can’t open your cellphone, of course, as a security for your cellphone.

Now, how to activate your cellphone screen password, you can enter the settings menu or the settings menu.

Then just select the fingerprint, face and password menu. Please click the password menu. Make sure the password must be easy to remember, friend.

Then just enter the desired password then repeat the password and just click the finished section then the cellphone will automatically be locked and only we can open it with the first password we created.

Make sure you have to remember the password, mate. You can do this to maintain the security of your cellphone, of course.


Well, you can do this method when your cellphone is experiencing lag, of course, you can copy the important data first. Because this research menu will restore the initial settings, which means that the cellphone will return to its original state the same as the first time you bought a cellphone.

Now this is done when your cellphone lags, it gets hot quickly, you can do this research.

So, how do you get into your Oppo cellphone, then select the menu in the additional settings section and just scroll down to find the research menu, friend

Or return to factory settings. Then enter the password and stay in the research. Then the cellphone will do research and wait for a few minutes, the cellphone will turn on again and automatically won’t lag or get stuck again, friend.

Well, that’s the discussion on how to delete kobtak on an Oppo cellphone, hopefully it’s useful, don’t forget to stop by in Mimin’s other articles here, OK?