How to Delete Litmatch Account in Various Ways – Julybe Litmatch users are tired of using this application, so they want to delete it. If so, then you need to read this article on how to delete a Litmatch account to know the process.

Litmatch is an online chat application that makes it easy for users to make online friends in a relatively short time. By using the application, users can chat, video calls, and other activities.

However, sometimes we find Litmatch users are tired of using this application, and want to delete it. Well, below we will explain how to delete the Litmatch application account in various ways.

How to Delete a Litmatch Account

There are at least three ways that can be done to be able to temporarily or permanently deactivate a Litmatch account. So, how do I do it? Here are the steps.

Via the Litmatch Site

The first method to delete a Litmatch account is to use the official website. Please visit the Litmatch website and login with your account.

It’s not that hard to log in to a Litmatch account. you just enter the ‘username’ and ‘password’ in the fields provided. Then, click ‘login’.

Now, for the Litmatch account deletion process, please follow these steps: Enter the Settings menu > Account Account > Delete Account > Re-enter username and password > and finally click Next.

After you complete the steps above, your Litmatch account will be deactivated.

By the way, the Litmatch account deactivation process will take a few days. During this time the user can reactivate it so that the previous Litmatch account is not permanently deleted.

In addition, Litmatch users also receive an email containing account deactivation. So, we can think about it in advance if at that time we want to change our minds.

Remove Litmatch via App

The second and easiest way to use is to delete via the Android or iOS cellphone that you are using. The method is quite easy:

  • Enter the Litmatch app
  • After that visit the user’s ‘profile placeholder’.
  • Click the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • At the bottom username, select an account. And click ‘Deactivate Your Account’
  • A pop-up window will appear about deactivating your Litmatch account. Click ‘Disable’ to continue.
  • Re-enter the Litmatch password, then click the deactivate button one last time to initiate account deletion.

Deactivate Litmatch Account via E-mail

In addition to the web and Litmatch application, users can also delete accounts via email associated with this online chat platform. However, to realize this method, you need to make an account deletion request first. The method:

  • Open the user’s email application (via the web can also)
  • Log in using the account associated with Litmatch
  • Write an account deletion request to email ‘[email protected]’.
  • Don’t forget to include the subject ‘Request To Delete/Deactivate My Litmatch Account’.
  • If you feel it is complete, please press the ‘send’ option.
  • Wait for a reply from Litmatch. If approved, your account will be permanently deleted.

That’s the info we can convey regarding how to delete a Litmatch account in various ways. Please choose which method is easy and fast to use. Because we provide three options that you can choose to disable Litmatch temporarily or permanently. Thank you and hopefully useful.