How to delete Tiktok 2022 posts

How to Delete Latest Tiktok Posts

Tiktok is a social media that many enjoy, by sharing short videos in this application,

Besides that, we can also make money from this tiktok application, by way of live and by inviting friends, even for now we can buy goods or promotional items at the tiktok shop,

In my opinion, Tiktok is also a social media that can indirectly promote our talents or work, for example singing, or selling certain products.

Tiktok is a social media that is currently widely enjoyed, especially for teenagers, who like to make short videos, poems, editors, etc.

Besides that, tiktok can also be an income field for those who have certain businesses, because we can also promote goods or others,

Tiktok has its own advantages for its users, and usually a lot of viral ones appear, usually from tiktok,

So what if you want to stop playing tiktok, and want to delete posts on tiktok.

Well this time we will discuss how to delete posts on tiktok, friend,

The first step is to open your tiktok application, then select in the video section,

Click on the three-dot line on the right side of the video as an example as shown below;

Then you will find a menu like this:

After finding the menu as above, then swipe left and select the button like the trash box and all we have to do is click delete, then your video will be deleted immediately,

It’s not easy enough to delete posts on tiktok, this method is especially for friends who are beginners who are confused about how to delete posts on tiktok

Thus the discussion on how to delete posts on tiktok may be useful and thank you.