How to Disable Friend Request Button on Facebook Account

Facebook has a limit on the total friends for each account, which users can add up to a maximum 5000 friend. This limitation has been in place for a long time and has not changed until now. So when your account has reached that limit, other people will not be able to send friends to your account again.

Some people use Facebook only to communicate, aka not to make new friends. Actually that’s good, considering that the user is very concerned about his privacy.

Well, if you want to use Facebook only to communicate with known friends, you most likely want the friend request feature on your profile to be disabled. So that there will be no other people who are not recognized and suddenly ask for friendship.

Tutorial on Disabling the Friend Request Button on Facebook

Facebook has provided a setting to disable this feature. And when it’s deactivated, other people are otherwise recognizable can’t add friend request to your account, that’s because the friend request button won’t appear on the profile page.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open the Facebook app.

  2. Tap the button Menu (three strips).

  3. Then scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy.

  4. Then select menu Arrangement.

    Go to Settings menu

  5. Next scroll down and tap menu Privacy Settings.

    Tap Privacy Menu

  6. Now tap on section Who can send you friend requests?.

    Disabling the Request Request Button on Facebook

  7. And set it as Friends of friends.

    Restricting People Who Can Request Friendship on Facebook

There used to be a feature to completely disable the friendship feature by setting privacy as “There isn’t any“, but there may be changes to the Facebook system that now only provides options “Friends of friends” to restrict others from adding friend requests.

But don’t worry, because people who don’t have connections or relationships with friends you have on Facebook won’t be able to add your account as a friend.

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Facebook provides settings to limit who can add friends to your account for privacy purposes. The rest there is no other way to turn off this friendship feature so that the button is completely gone for everyone.

The Facebook system also has a limit on how many people you make friends with in one day, so you don’t have to worry about activity spambecause users who do this will certainly get an automatic penalty by the system.

Hopefully useful and good luck