How to Disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10

In 2022, Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will soon be discontinued and will no longer receive updates from a security and other perspective. But it will be replaced with a newer browser, namely Microsoft Edge.

More or less, the termination was carried out around July 2022. This was done because Internet Explorer is a browser that belongs to the category of old and less modern to access sites on the internet. And even some websites don’t support to be accessed from that browser.

Windows 10 still has Internet Explorer installed by default, as well as Microsoft Edge. But actually you can also disable it so that not many browsers are used.

How to Disable Internet Explorer in Windows 10

Since this browser is a default Windows 10, so it cannot be directly uninstalled through settings like other programs. But you can disable it via Windows features. Please see how below.

  1. Open Windows search.

  2. Type Windows Features and then ENTER.

    Open Windows Features

  3. Uncheck Internet Explorer 11.

    Disabling Internet Explorer on Windows 10

  4. A warning dialog will appear, please click the button Yes.

    Click Yes on the Warning Dialog

  5. Then click the button OK.

  6. The last stage, please restart the device.

After restarting the device, Internet Explorer will surely disappear and can no longer be used unless you re-enable it in Windows features. Or you can check the folder Program Files on the Windows installation drive, surely the Internet Explorer folder will no longer exist.

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Of the many browsers available today, Internet Explorer is one that is less attractive to many people. That’s why disabling it is better than not using it at all.

Even some people sometimes still use it just to download another browser. But unlike Microsoft Edge, it looks better and modern, its features are also not inferior to other browsers.

So what do you think? Do you still want to keep Internet Explorer or do you want to disable it? Of course it’s your choice.

Hopefully useful and good luck