How to Disable Latest Shopee App Notifications

How to Disable the Latest Shopee Application Notifications_Julybe you’ve experienced a lot of notifications on your cellphone when your cellphone has active data, then the application notification will appear on your cellphone and will be a little annoying when we open the cellphone and when activating the data on our cellphone.

Of course, for you who have experienced many notifications on your cellphone, and in this discussion we will discuss how to disable the sohpee application notifications on our cellphones. For you, you may have experienced a lot of shopee notifications, what else when we often buy or order goods on shopee products.

Even if we buy or order goods but often open shopee just to see, of course a notification will appear on our cellphone and it will be very disturbing for those of you who might be opening an application on this shopee.

Of course, we can do this to turn off notifications in the shopee application, which you can do, we will discuss it in this article.

For the shopee application, this is an application for online shopping that might make you want to shop online by choosing cheap shopee products, you can use the shopee application. There are many products that we will find in this shopee application, from all kitchen utensils, school equipment and others. you can get it in this shopee application.

Even now, Shopee itself is preparing a shopee affiliate feature which allows users who join this shopee application to make money by joining this shopee affiliate shopee.

The way it works to become an affiliate shoppe is very easy, you just enter the affiliate shopee then you just take the link for the affiliate shope product and you can share it on your social media, if someone buys the product link that you share then you will get the commission.

Well this time we will discuss how to disable the latest 2022 shopee notifications for those of you who want to turn off this shopee application notification.

First you can enter your shopee application. Tap on my menu section in your shopee application.

Then you can select in the Settings menu and select account settings.

Select on notification settings and choose the next app notification you choose to disable.

Then automatically your shopee application notification will not reappear. Then there is a second way that you can do

First you can enter the settings on your cellphone.

Tap on the usage and storage option, and you look for the app permission menu or notification permission. Then you can turn it off for your shopee app notifications.

That’s the discussion on how to disable notifications in the Shopee 2022 application, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.