How to Disable Windows Media Player on Windows 10

Previously Windows Media Player (WMP) had a very high role on computers. Because the program can be used to play all media on the computer. Like music, videos, and so on.

But over time, Windows Media Player began to be rarely used because it was replaced by other programs that have more features. Even in Windows 10 there is a built-in Photos and Movies program that is intended as a replacement for this WMP.

So for Windows 10 users, wouldn’t it be better to just disable it? Because it is rarely used. What’s more, many people prefer to install other media player programs, such as VLC Player.

Disabling Windows Media Player in Windows

This method can be applied to all versions of Windows. And regarding this WMP is built-in featuresso it cannot beuninstall. But you can disable it so that the program does not appear again.

Please follow the procedure for disabling it below:

  1. Open the search field on the taskbar.

  2. Type Windows Features and ENTER.

  3. Next, uncheck Media Features.

    Disabling Windows Media Player in Windows 10

  4. Then click the button OK.

  5. If a confirmation dialog appears, just click the button YES.

  6. The last stage, please restart the computer.

After the computer/laptop has been successfully restarted, now Windows Media Player is definitely gone and can’t be used anymore. To make sure again, you can try right-clicking a video, then selecting Open With. If Windows Media Player doesn’t appear, you have successfully disabled it.

Reactivating Windows Media Player

Deactivating it doesn’t mean deleting it, so whenever it is you can still activate it again. The method is also almost the same, namely by ticking the Media Features and after that please restart the device.

In my opinion, Windows Media Player is now less popular as a media player. When compared to VLC or KMPlayer, of course the features are very much different. One of the most significant is support codec in playing video formats.

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Windows Media Player basically can’t be completely removed, but users can disable it. Because it is an innate feature of the OS like Internet Explorer. And on Windows 10, that program has been replaced with a built-in program called Movies & TV.

So are you still using WMP to play videos or music? Please think again, because out there there are many media player programs that have more features.

Hopefully useful and good luck