How to Disappear on Zoom Like a Ninja 2022 – Have you ever watched a video showing someone disappearing while going live in the Zoom app. So that makes you think about how they do it?

Many people are amazed when they see the moment of disappearing directly through this online face-to-face application. Because very rarely anyone does it when the live broadcast program is running.

Well, in this article we will provide information on how to disappear on Zoom like a ninja. So users can know how to get lost in this ninja-like zoom application. For more detailed information, please read this article to the end!

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Lost in Zoom Meeting

Actually, there are many ways to be able to disappear on Zoom with the addition of smoke like a ninja or in a scene like the Naruto anime series. However, in this case the user cannot immediately disappear directly while the zoom meeting class process is running.

Usually users need to edit the video first, then use it as a virtual background for later viewing during zooming. However, in this article, we will not describe this. Instead, an easier trick is how to get lost in Zoom without the need for editing.

For those of you who are interested in this method, especially for people who are not good at editing. This trick of disappearing like Naruto while in a meeting on Zoom is very easy to try. Here’s the implementation!

How to Disappear on Zoom Like a Ninja

Before we proceed to the manufacturing steps, there are several things we need to convey, namely: this method can only be used for users who use computers or laptops.

Because in this tutorial the prank disappears in the Zoom application, users need to use a third-party apk to make it, namely the OBS application which only allows support in both devices. Here’s how to get lost in Zoom Meeting:

  • Step 1. Please open your flagship browser (Google Chrome recommendation), then please download the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) link.

If you find it difficult to find it, please visit the site ( ) via your flagship browser. Don’t forget to download Virtual Cam OBS via the following link:

Download Virtual Cam OBS ( )

  • Step 2. If you have downloaded the application, please install and apply the OBS application and OBS Virtual Cam.
  • Step 3. Next, prepare the background that will be used for the practice of disappearing. Use the background in the form of a place where you will broadcast a Zoom meeting live. Whether it’s a room, vestibule, living room, garden and others.
  • Step 4. Please search smoke effect green screen as an effect that will be displayed during a live broadcast.

How to get it: open YouTube, then please type the sentence ‘Download Smoke Green Screen‘. Later there will be many YouTubers who display this effect.

Okay, after we get all the tools, now we just go into the manufacturing process. For more details, please read the following text!

The Process of Disappearing in the Zoom App

  • Step 1. Please open the OBS application, then in Scene 1, add a Video Capture Device. Then, please set the size of capture device that appears on Lock Scene that.
  • Step 2. Add scene 2 which contains where the user will do the Zoom Meeting, then Lock the Scene.
  • Step 3. Next, add a green screen smoke effect. Then remove the green background with the smoke effect by tapping Filter, then please select the Chroma Key option. Don’t forget to Lock the Smoke Scene.
  • Step 4. The next stage, the user needs meng-click the setting tap Hotkeys, then in Scene 1 please set the switch to Scene to number 1. Then, set the Scene 2 switch to Scene to number 2.

Setting \ hotkeys settings on the switch to scene is useful for switching scenes by pressing the button on the laptop or computer keyboard.

  • Step 5. Please tap the Tools Menu (at the top), then tap Virtual Cam and press the Start button
  • Step 6. Users are welcome to enter the Zoom Meeting application and enter one of the classes. Then do the ninja-style movements in the Naruto anime when making hand seals.
  • The last step, after performing a series of movements then press the 2 key on the keyboard. In harmony with this, the origin will appear and you will disappear like a ninja. To be able to appear again to the Zoom class again, please press the number 1 on the keyboard of your laptop\ computer.

How? It’s not easy to disappear in Zoom meetings like this ninja. Now users can freely do this when present in the Zoom application online class. Good luck and good luck too. Greetings and greetings.