How to Download All Photos and Videos on Google Photos

Google provides free access to 15GB of storage that can be used to store files on several Google products, such as Drive, Photos, and so on. But basically users can store unlimited photo and video files on Google Photos.

Google Photos provides unlimited storage for high-quality compressed photo and video files. However, users are also given access to save original files without compression provided that there is a 15GB storage limit.

For now, any photos and videos that sync with your gallery on Android will appear in Google Photos. This allows you to never lose the moment and will saved forever on Google Photos.

Can I Download Files on Google Photos?

Of course you can, it also includes cloud storage which is very secure. You can even set the privacy of a photo or video to be public, so that it can be shared with other people around.

But don’t have option to download all photo or video. So you have to manually select which file to download. However, this article will show you a few tricks to be able to download all the files there, so you don’t have to take long to select one by one.

How to Download All Photos and Videos on Google Photos

This method is almost the same as downloading all files on Google Drive, it’s just that there are difference from how to select the entire file. Without waiting any longer, please follow the procedure below to start downloading all files in Google Photos.

  1. Go to the Google Photos website.

  2. Select one of the earliest photos or videos.

  3. Then scroll to the most recent photo.

    Scroll to Recent Photo

  4. Now press the button SHIFT while selecting the last photo earlier.

  5. As a result, all photos and videos will be directly selected.

    All Photos Selected

  6. The last step, click the three-dot option in the right corner. And choose Download.

    Download All Photos and Videos on Google Photos

After performing the above steps, a download dialog will appear immediately. And if the total file is large, then it will take a while until the download dialog appears. All photo and video files will be packaged into one archive file with ZIP format.

How to Open the Result File Download?

In Windows 10, you can directly open the archive file in Windows Explorer, and can directly move it to the desired directory. While on Windows below, it is highly recommended to use a program called WinRar.

So please open the ZIP file using WinRar. After that, select all existing files by pressing the button CTRL+A. And then click option Extract and select a directory to store all the files in.

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Since there is still no download option in Google Photos, the easiest way to download all photos and videos is to follow the steps above. And overall, the most important thing here is the button SHIFT which is on the keyboard.

So by long pressing the button while selecting only one file, it will also select all previous files. So that all files will be selected and can start to download them.

If you have difficulty in carrying out the steps above, you are very welcome to ask in the comments column to get help.

Hopefully useful and good luck