How to Download Anime on Anikyojin, Update 2022 – One of the FanShares that has been around in the world of downloading & streaming anime with Indonesian subtitles is AniKyojin. This website has a large list of newly released anime to older anime that are released re-upload repeat.

AniKyojin provides a variety of anime with many genres in it. Be it the fantasy genre, comedy, parody, romance and so on. By the wayhave we ever had trouble downloading anime videos when visiting this site?

Julybe this is not so problematic for visitors who usually download on this anikyojin site. However, for people who rarely visit this site, it must be very difficult, right?

Well, in this article, our SerbaGratis95 team will try to provide a little information about downloading the Anikyojin anime. Curious about how? Check out the details on how to download it below!

How to Download Anime on Anikyojin

For anime lovers, there must be many who know about this page, and it is often used as a reference in the easiest anime download site.

Because, this site rarely displays ads or page redirects in the process of downloading anime videos.

It is undeniable that, when someone first visits the Anikyojin download site, the first thing they feel must be ‘confused’ because they are still unfamiliar with the appearance and how to download the anime.

However, if you are used to it, of course we will know how to download anime video files in Anikyojin. As we will give the tutorial below!

As a note: Anikyojin site, sometimes provides several alternative links that can be file hosting Zippyshare, Sendid or Googledrive.

The resolution is quite a lot, some are 240p, 360p, 480p, 720, even in video movies sometimes we find 1080p resolution. So you can choose according to your needs.

Download Anime Anikyojin via Zippyshare

The first method that we share is the easiest way as well as file hosting recommendations for friends to use. Because, in addition to the easy way, this file is also quite fast in the download process.

  • To download anime using this Zippyshare file, the first thing we need to do is ‘Searching for Anime Titles‘ which we want to download/download.
  • After we tap the anime title, then please select the link with the name ‘Zippyshare‘ as well as the resolution we want to use. (The recommended 480p HP version is pretty good, if it’s a 1080p laptop/PC only)
Zippyshare link

Note: If there is a redirect link, just tap the back option.

  • Because on this site there is no page switching, we will go directly to the download page.
  • If you have found an image like the one below, please tap on the words ‘Download Now‘. Automatically the file will be downloaded
LINK Zippyshare Download Now

Note: If there are site redirects or floating ads when the anime file download process occurs, please close it immediately)

Well, if you still can’t download files on Zippyshare, we have also prepared an article, namely, how to download Zippyshare files easily.

Download Anime Anikyojin via Link Sendid

Not much different from the download link using Zippyshare file hosting, the use of Sendid file hosting is also easy to practice.

  • To download using this file hosting, users just need to find the anime title that we want to download.
  • Then, Tap on ‘Sendid’ in the list of links provided. (Don’t forget to choose the resolution that you think is most comfortable to watch).
  • After tapping, we will be thrown on the download file page.
  • Please tap the text ‘download‘ next to which is the size of the file. And the file will be downloaded automatically. And we just have to wait until the file is completely downloaded perfectly. Done

File Hosting Sendid

Download Anime Anikyojin via GoogleDrive Link

Finally there is the GoogleDrive file hosting. You could say this file has been around for a long time and quite a lot of people use it. However, we do not recommend using this file. Besides ‘rather‘ complicated, we also need to include an e-mail in order to use this Googledrive file hosting.

However, if some problems occur on other links. We can use the Googledrive link as another alternative. To use it please see step by step-it’s below!

  • Go ahead, select the anime title, and the resolution we want to use. Don’t forget to tap on ‘googledrive‘ on the choice of links that we want to use.
  • Then we are thrown on the download page that has been provided by GoogleDrive.
  • then tap the image with the icon ‘download‘, then we will be asked to enter an e-mail related to our HP or Laptop/PC.

Googledrive download files
  • At this stage, the video that we selected will play by itself.
  • Here we have two options, continue watching or download anime the. If friends are still laughing and want to download it. Please tap ‘three dots‘ in the upper right corner of the screen.

Google drive menu
  • Final, scroll down until you find the words ‘download‘. tap on it and the file will automatically download. Done
Googledrive file hosting

How, easy isn’t it? Now we can easily download as many anime videos as possible on the Anikyojin site.

The above method can also be applied to HP and PC/Laptop devices. Actually, downloading anime anikyojin both using a PC or cellphone, is not much different. It’s just that the appearance may be a little more stable if we use the PC version.

Julybe that’s all the information we can convey regarding how to download anime on anikyojin update 2022. Hopefully with a little information above it can be useful for you.

Especially for people who have trouble downloading anime videos on Anikyojin. Good luck and good luck.