How to Earn Money on the Latest Subway Surf – Subway Surfers or commonly known as subway surf is a game mobile endless running which can be enjoyed on both Android and iPhone platforms.

This running man game makes players need to run from the police and pick up coins scattered along the way to get new characters, special items, and costumes.

Money or coins are certainly important in this game. Therefore, below we will provide information on how to get a lot of money on subway surf along with detailed explanations. Please watch until the end yes!.

How to Earn Money on Subway Surf

Actually, to get a lot of money on subway surf is quite simple. Because when the user has downloaded and installed Subway Surfers and logged in using a FB account, they will be given 5 thousand free money.

After the player runs this Subway Surfers game, then he can get additional coins along the way. Moreover, the addition of special items on the road such as magnets, trampolines, and jetpacks will allow players to get extra coins when using them.

In addition to when the item is, players will also find a box rewards and an item in the form of a beacon that doubles money over time. So, don’t be late when you find the items we mentioned above.

Not only that, the next way to get money in the subway surf game can be by using the ‘loot box’, a box that will present rewards in the form of different gifts. One of them is in the sector of earning coins or money.

Rewards given to features loot box can be duplicated by watching advertisements which users need to use internet data to do. Moreover, if you use the application install method, the money that will be given is certainly more.

Another thing you can do to earn money in subway surfer is to complete daily and weekly challenges, collecting letters during the game and forming words can guarantee more coins.

Finally, if you don’t want to do all of the above, players can get money at subway surfer by buying coins directly with real money. Although it will drain your wallet a little.

That’s the information we can convey about how to earn money on this newest subway surf. Please use the methods above to buy new characters and items. Because the decision is yours. Thank you and hopefully useful.