How to Edit Facebook Fanpage Thumbnail

Assalamualikum online friends, this time see you again in the mimin article, on this occasion we will discuss how to change the thumbnail on the facebook fanpage video.

How to change the Facebook fanpage thumbnail itself is actually quite easy, my friend and it’s almost the same as on youtube. Well, let’s get to know the fanspage first. The Facebook fanpage is a place for video creators who usually earn money from the videos they make. One of them is with the monetization feature.

For the part of the fanspage itself, the monetization requirement is that we need around 10 thousand followers. Of course it’s quite heavy, bro, to convey to the monetization of our fanspage. Well, it’s different from fanspages that use promotional features. Which if we do paid promotions or advertise our videos then that will quickly get 10 thousand followers. But of course here we need a fee if you want to promote quickly on the Facebook fanspage.

In the fanpage menu itself, we will be given several features to monetize our videos, of course, if we meet the specified requirements, with the monetization feature, we will get income from the fanspage we created.

Even the fanspage itself has a gaming fanpage, you know. We can make money if we live in the game.

Of course, developing a fanpage on Facebook is not easy, mate, because we know that to achieve our monetization menu, we must need 10 thousand followers, so if you want to quickly use the promotional features, friends, but these promotional features will be paid.

Okay, this time what we will discuss is how to change the Facebook fanspgae thumbnail. Here are some steps you can take to change the thumbnail on the Facebook fanspage.

First, enter the thumbnail that has been created. Then, you can log in via Google Chrome.

Just type creator studio facebook then you will be taken to various menus.

For how to change the thumbnail yourself, click on the video that we want to add this thumbnail.

Then click on the left menu with the pencil logo and then select the post edit menu.

To change your own thumbnail, just click on the image of our fanspage, in the thumbnail menu.

Then you just tap on the menu add an image and go to the gallery, then take a thumbnail our fanspage that has been prepared.

If it is installed, just click on the finished part.

Okay, automatically the appearance of our fanspage home screen will change and be replaced as we want for the video thumbnail section.

That’s the discussion on how to change the Facebook fanpage thumbnail, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.