How to Edit Photos into the Latest Viral Cartoons for Tiktok 2022

Assalamualikum friends online. see you again with us, this time we will discuss how to edit photos into the latest tiktok viral cartoon 2022.

How to edit photos to become cartoons on tiktok is indeed viral. Julybe for those of you who want to find out how to make photos into cartoons, you’ll find it in our article.

We will discuss how to edit cartoon photos that are trending or viral.

To edit photos into cartoons of course we have to use additional applications that we can get on the play store.

Photo filters to become cartoons are indeed being sought after, and many want to know how to turn a photo into a cartoon like the viral tiktok.

Of course, if we follow the trends on tiktok, it will add its own + value, which is certainly a lot of likes and even followers can also increase if we follow the trends on tiktok. What’s more for those of you who like to make short videos or short videos on tiktok.

Of course, if we follow tiktok trends, surely followers and likes will also increase because we follow trends that are viral on tiktok, one of which is editing photos into cartoons.

We know that currently there are many applications that can be said to be quite sophisticated that can make things interesting and trends. So many can edit according to their preferences and for the materials themselves, they can be obtained from applications in the Play Store.

Like picsart, pixelap etc. there are still many applications that can be made for editing our photos, from editing photo backgrounds, removing backgrounds and much more if we know applications that have many of these features.

Now for how to edit photos into your own cartoons, you can actually make them using “PREQUEL” and this application is already available on the play store. The method is quite easy and simple.

This application is indeed a trend and many users are looking for on Android. Especially those who want to edit photos into cartoons. And for the file itself, if it’s in the Play Store, it’s around 133MB. And this application has a function to turn photos into cartoons which are currently viral.

Actually this application is also paid but we can use it for free, if I’m not mistaken about 3 days free to download for the first time.

So after 3 days, if we want to edit, we have to pay. But three days I think it’s enough to edit photos into cartoons that are viral on tiktok.

Here are some steps to edit photos using this ” PREQUEL ” application.

First install this prequel app

Next, click on the Advanced menu section for about 3 times, just click on the Advanced menu section.

Then a sign menu will appear where we can use it for free for 3 days.

If you subscribe, it’s around 21,999 rupiah per week and I suggest using the free one.

Click the “X” on the top left corner to skip.

click the (+) sign and select allow the camera to enter our photo file.

select the photo you want to edit the cartoon.

click on the carton+ logo menu which reads red.

The process will take approximately half a minute.

Then automatically the photo you selected will turn into a cartoon.

If you want to save, click the arrow in the right corner. Then click on the down arrow on the left to save it to the gallery.

select save to gallery then your photo will automatically become a cartoon like the viral tiktok,

That’s the discussion on how to edit viral tiktok 2022 photos, hopefully it’s useful and thank you