How to edit picsart blur photo

Hello friends, see you again in Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss how to edit blurry photos on Picsart.

Editing blurry photos on Picsart is really of interest to girls, who like to edit aesthetic blur photos on Picsart to share on Instagram. In the previous article, Mimin has discussed how to blur faces on Picsart, so this time Mimin will share how to edit photos. blur on picsart. This picsart application is a photo and video editing application and many even edit in this picsart application for aesthetic purposes, for the picsart application itself you can get it on the play store.

For the mod version of picsart you can pray for it on google chrome, so for the official version you can get it on the play store, if the picsart mod application version is not official and made by a third party, but the picsart mod version itself has the advantage of no watermark .

To edit picsart blur photos, the method is very easy, maybe for those of you who want to edit aesthetic photos in the style of celebrities on picsart, it’s also very easy if you understand how to make or edit photos in this picsart application. in the picsart application we have two versions, namely the paid version and your free version. you can use the free version and to use the free version you just have to enter the picsart application and you can tap on the skip menu for the free entry version on this picsart. Here are the steps if you want to edit a blur photo in this picsart application.

First, make sure your picsart application is in the latest application, if not, please update your picsart application to the latest version.

After you enter this picsart application then you just have to select the photo you want to edit the blur photo. And then at the bottom menu you will find various effects that you can get in this picsart application. for the blur version on your face you can select the menu radical blur and you can place the blur on the face, then your photo on the face will automatically blur

After that we can save or span your edits, by clicking the arrow in the top right and you can select save to gallery. Once saved, you can share it on Instagram or other social media.

In addition, for Picsart itself you can also remove the background automatically, for how to enter the photo you want to remove the background in this picsart, then you can select the delete menu, and you select the people menu, then your photo background will automatically disappear automatically. how easy is it not to use this picsart application?

That’s the discussion on how to edit blur on picsart, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.