How to Enable Bold Text on Android

All mobile phones must have a feature to set the text size and everyone has their own taste in setting the size. Some prefer a large size, or even a small one. But did you know that there is also a feature to make the text bold?

Some people feel that bold text is better for the phone display because the text can be seen clearly. Of course this is different from large text sizes, and has more effect on the font or writing style that is being used.

Here are the differences between normal and bold fonts:

Normal Text

Android Bold Text

Bold Text

Tutorial on Enabling Bold Text on Android

To enable bold text on Android phones, it is available in the Display Settings. But some phones also have different menus, but of course the bold text feature is always there.

Immediately, please see how to activate it below:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap the View menu.

    Tap View Menu

  3. Then tap menu Font Style and Size.

    Start Changing Android Fonts

  4. Then turn on Bold Fonts.

    Enabling Bold Text on Android

After successfully activating it, now you can immediately see the difference to the text on the screen. Surely now the writing will be thicker than before. Or if you want to be sure, please see the results when turning it off and then on again against the bold text feature.

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Android Bold Text Solution Can’t Activate

Sometimes this is caused by the font or writing style being used that does not support bold text. But if you use the phone’s default font, then it is very certain that bold text will work fully.

So if you are currently using an external font, chances are that the font only supports regular types, so the option to enable bold text cannot be activated.

Try to download fonts through the application store of each cellphone, usually all the fonts available there support bold text, it’s different if you change it through similar applications iFontand so on, it is possible to only support regular text types/types.

And in addition, that the font that has been set in the Android settings may be can not used in all applications. This is because an application sometimes uses its own font type. So the font on the phone has no effect on the application.

Hopefully useful and good luck