How to Enable Browser Extensions in Incognito Mode

Every browser must have an incognito mode or it can also be called a private mode. This feature functions like a sandbox, where all the websites you visit in that mode will not be saved in the browser history.

More precisely, this feature is specifically to strictly protect privacy on the internet, because of several security options such as: anti-tracking usually activates immediately when using incognito mode. But can the user still use the extension in that mode?

Of course you still can, all browsers give users the freedom to use extensions or addon even in incognito mode. But also know that privacy security may not be as strict as before, because some extensions sometimes carry tracking script inside it.

How to Use Browser Extensions in Incognito Mode

The method discussed in this article is intended for all browsers, be it Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, and others. All of them have almost the same way, but it’s just a slightly different appearance.

For example here I want to make the AD Block extension on the Chrome browser work in incognito mode. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Extensions page in a browser.

  2. Click on the extension you want to select.

  3. Next, activate the options Allow in incognito mode.

    Using Browser Extensions in Incognito Mode

  4. Done, the extension has been successfully activated for incognito mode.

From now on you can be more helpful with extensions that can be used in incognito mode. Some extensions even have special support for incognito mode, for example Tampermonkey.

Although the above method is applied to the Chrome browser, but actually the steps are: not so different if applied to other browsers. If Firefox is also almost the same, users only need to go to the extension page and select one of the extensions, then select the option allow on options Run in Private Window.

Enabling Extensions in Firefox's Incognito Mode

For other browsers, I make sure the procedure is not much different from the method above.

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Lots of very useful extensions to use every day. And with the support of extensions in incognito mode, it will certainly make it easier for users to browse the internet more comfortably.

And one thing you need to remember again, that an extension can certainly still record all browsing activity even though it is in incognito mode. Therefore, use an extension that is completely free of tracking features so that your privacy is maintained.

Hopefully useful and good luck