How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10

Again discussing night mode. If you count, there are lots of articles about night mode that have been shared on Blog Second. And this time it’s specifically for computer/laptop devices that use the latest version of Windows 10.

Night Mode or commonly known as Dark Mode is present in Windows 10 1903 to the top. Versions below will not be able to enjoy this feature. And from now on, you will no longer be dazzled by using the computer for daily activities.

The Dark Mode feature in Windows 10 can also be combined with other themes, so the dark impression will be even more pronounced. And when you activate this feature, almost all Windows default programs will turn dark, but there are also some programs that have no effect.

Enabling Dark Mode on Windows 10

Just like on mobile, dark mode will only affect built-in programs. But if a program supports a dark theme, allowing it to be active also follows the dark mode settings on the computer.

Here’s how to activate it:

  1. In the Desktop view, right click and select Personalize.

  2. Then click menu Colors.

    Click Menu Colors

  3. Then in the Choose Your Colorsplease set it as Dark.

    Enabling Dark Mode in Windows 10

  4. Done, now dark mode is successfully activated.

Now try to open Explorer, surely the color will turn dark. Some Windows default programs will also have an effect, for example, such as Calculator, Alarm, Calendar, Weather, Maps, and so on.

While there are also default programs that have no effect, one of which is Notepad. And programs from Office365 (Word, Excel, etc.) will also have no effect. Hopefully in the future you can get a dark mode too.

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Reverting to Bright Mode

The method is still the same, you only need to change the part Choose Your Colors Becomes Light, and immediately the display in Windows will be bright again. No need to restart the computer, because the settings will react immediately.

Dark mode is suitable for turning on when using the device at night so it’s not too bright, but it’s fine even if it’s turned on all the time.

Hopefully useful and good luck