How to Enable Dynamic Lock Screen on Samsung Phones

Already know about Dynamic Lock Screen? It is a feature to randomly display wallpapers on the lock screen (lockscreen). Usually this feature is only available on certain launchers.

On Samsung phones that have used the One UI ROM, the random wallpaper feature can be enjoyed immediately without the need to install an additional launcher. Because it is built-in features and can be activated from settings.

So if you are bored with the same wallpaper that appears, maybe setting a dynamic lock screen will make your phone a little different and certainly cooler than before.

What is Dynamic Lock Screen?

In short, this feature will display a wallpaper randomly every time the user opens lockscreen. So this will not affect the wallpaper used on the homescreen.

Samsung provides several categories of wallpapers that you can choose according to taste. The wallpaper must be downloaded and will be updated every 2 weeks automatically when the phone is using a WiFi network.

So every two weeks, you will receive a new wallpaper that is guaranteed to be different from the previous one. And every one category pack download, you will receive about 20-30 wallpapers with Full HD size or resolution.

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How to Enable the Dynamic Lock Screen Feature

To activate it is very easy and fast. What needs to be prepared is an internet connection to download the wallpaper category to be selected.

Please follow the steps to activate it below:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Lock Screen.

  3. Then tap menu Wallpaper Service.

    Tap Wallpaper Service Menu

  4. Activate on Dynamic Lock Screen and tap the button Terapkan.

    Enabling Dynamic Lock Screen on Samsung Phones

  5. Now tap on the settings option next to it.

    Tap Settings Options

  6. And tap menu Select Category.

    Select Category

  7. Please select the desired category, and wait for the download process to complete.

    Choosing the Desired Wallpaper Category

  8. When you’re done, the wallpaper on the lock screen will now be random from time to time.

By default, the system will download wallpaper updates automatically only over WiFi networks. But you can also use cellular data by enabling the option “Download Using Cellular Data” in Dynamic Lock Screen settings.

You can also view a set of wallpapers currently in use by swiping left on the lockscreen. And the more categories you choose, of course, the more wallpapers available.

Hopefully useful and good luck