How to Enable Fast Startup in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is a feature that allows the computer to boot quickly even if the system is installed on the HDD instead of the SSD. This feature is Fast Startup, or it can also be referred to as Fast Boot.

By enabling Fast Startup, you will feel a significant difference in the device booting process. What used to take a few minutes, now only takes 1 minute course, or even faster.

Julybe this is the right choice for those of you who haven’t upgraded to an SSD and want your computer or laptop to be able to turn on and enter the desktop quickly without waiting a long time.

Tutorial Enabling Fast Startup on Windows 10

  1. Click START/Search and type Power & Sleep Settingsthen ENTER.

  2. Then click Additional Power Settings.

  3. At the top left, click on the menu Choose what the power buttons do.

    Enabling Fast Startup in Windows 10

  4. Scroll down to section Shutdown Settings. Enable on option Turn On Fast Startup.

    The Process of Enabling the Fast Startup Feature in Windows 10

  5. The last step, click the button Save Changes.

After activating it, you can find out whether it was successful or not by turning off the device (shutdown) first and then turn it on again. If the boot process is faster than before, it means it was successful.

And one more thing, it won’t work if you choose Restart. The explanation can be seen below.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Enabling Fast Startup

One of the advantages you must have noticed is that the boot process is super fast. But behind these advantages, of course there are disadvantages.

The drawback is, when the device is turned off (shutdown), but actually it is not 100% shutdown. Julybe for laptop users it will be easier to notice when the battery is low even though the computer is turned off.

So during that time, the system is still running in the most minimal condition. So that when turned on, the boot process can be faster because it does not start from scratch.

Please monitor on Task Manager > Performance > Uptime. And you will know how long the system is on. It can only be reset to zero when the system is completely shut down 100%.

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