How to Enable Focus Mode on Samsung Phones

Discussing about Mode is endless. On the Samsung Android phone itself currently has a lot of modes that can be used, it’s just that some modes can only be enjoyed on certain series.

From Safe Mode, Easy, Rest, Silent, and there is also a Focus Mode. Of course, all of these modes have their own uses that will make you more comfortable using your cellphone in certain conditions.

The discussion this time is about Focus Mode. This feature is present on Samsung phones that have used One UI ROM. And it’s possible that only certain series can use this feature.

What is Focus Mode?

In Focus Mode, you can set which applications are very important to use. So that other applications will be disabled and do not appear in the current application list. This is a really great way to stay focused when at workso you don’t get diverted to your phone regarding notifications from apps that aren’t important.

Besides being used for work, you can also create your own profile, for example, focus on playing games or focus on being alone. So you can choose which applications can be used when the mode is active.

Tutorial on Activating Focus Mode

As an example of the tutorial below, I’ll be enabling Focus Mode for work, but basically you can also create your own profile to focus on certain things. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Digital Habits and Parental Control.

  3. Scroll down and find Focus Mode.

    Find Focus Mode

  4. And tap on Working time.

  5. Now choose which applications are very important to the job.

    Tap Add Button

  6. If you have, tap the button Mulai to activate it.

    Enabling Focus Mode on Samsung Phones

  7. Done, now Focus Mode is active.

When this mode is active, all applications other than the selected one will not be accessible and their icon will change to gray. And you will only get notifications for selected applications.

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In addition to staying focused on certain things, activating this method can also save battery, you know, especially against other applications running in the background.

To stop this mode, you can do it from the notification panel. Just tap End Mode and all applications will be usable again. And overall, this method is almost the same as the Rest Mode on Samsung phones.

Hopefully useful and good luck