How to Enable Notifications on Vlive – K-POPers must be familiar with Vlive. This video streaming or live streaming service specifically to accommodate the girl or boy band from South Korea is loved by lovers all over the world.

Because with a beautiful and handsome face makes the main attraction of artists from this ginseng country.

In addition, the music that is pleasant to listen to and the beautiful appearance at the time of performance is also a positive side of the musical art they make. It’s not wrong if fans like what these artists have to offer.

Talking about Vlive, did KPOPers know that this application can provide notifications for its users? So, every time there is a new upload or live about an artist you like, a notification will pop up on your smartphone.

Of course, this can help true fans of KPOP stars to keep updating their activities. Then, are you able to activate Vlive notifications?

If not, you’re at the right place. Because, in this article, our SerbaGratis95 team will provide a review on how to display notifications on the Vlive application. For more details, please see the steps below!.

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How to Enable Notifications on Vlive

Before going to the topic of discussion, there are things you need to do to be able to get this notification, namely “Following\Follow artists you like”. Of course this must be done, because only artists who have been followed can provide this notification.

For how to display notifications, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vlive APP. Then, tap on the text Follow on the channel you want to follow. Example: BTS, BlackPink, EXO channels, and so on.
  2. Users will automatically be able to get notifications from the channel.

There will be a notification when user already pressed the follow button on the Vlive application.
Here is the contents of the notification:

“You have been foollow (boy/girl band of choice) you can get subscribed news channels depending on your notification settings”.

This indicates that you are ready to receive notifications from channels that you have followed.
But, sometimes there are also users who have followed the account, but don’t get notifications. Of course this is a separate obstacle for users who want to get the notification.

This case could be caused because the user has not activated notifications in the application settings or others. Therefore, users can activate it first.

The method:

  • Tap writing “MY” which is on the main page at the bottom right of the HP screen. (profile picture)
  • Then, scroll down until you find Settings\Settings application.
  • On writing Notificationsplease tap and just slide the icon next to the writing “notifications for channels you follow”.
  • After sliding, all notifications from the channel are active.
  • Users just set it as desired. Like only getting notifications about broadcast updates or something else.
  • To do this, tap the check mark on each notification note. Then, leave a check on the notification you want to see only. Done

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That’s the information on how to turn on notifications on Vlive. Hopefully with a little tutorial above can be useful for you. especially for KPOPers who always want to hear the activities of their idols. Thank you and hopefully useful