How to Enable Power Saving Mode in Windows 10

The average laptop battery can last about 2 to 3 hours, but it also depends on usage. If used to play games, the battery may drain faster than normal use such as typing.

Windows has also provided power-saving features for a long time, but these features are enabled by default only when battery power is low under 20%. But in Windows 10, you can set it to be active at the percentage you want, even if it’s 100%.

When the power saving feature is active, the system will automatically limit the number of activities or task of a program running in the background. In addition, the screen brightness will also be reduced.

Tutorial on Enabling Power Saving Mode in Windows 10

The method shared here is intended for Windows 10. There are two ways to do this, and the first method is the one I recommend the most, because you can set a number of things for this feature.

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click menu System.

    Click the System menu

  3. After that click menu Battery.

    Click the Battery Menu

  4. Turn on option Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls bellows.

    Enabling Power Saving Mode in Windows 10

  5. Well after that set the percentage amount when this power saving mode will be activated.

For example, if you set it as 100%, the laptop will be in power saving mode all the time. That’s not a problem, but of course there is a slight decrease in performance if the device is used for multitasking that is too high.

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Turn on the Power Saving Feature Through the Toolbar

This second method is very short, but the difference is that there are not many options to set. So this is only limited to the ON and OFF buttons to control the power saving mode.

Please click on the battery icon in the toolbar, after that change it Power Mode Becomes Best Battery Life. After setting it up, the laptop has now entered power saving mode.

Turn on Power Saving Features in Windows 10

And one more before ending this. To check whether it works or not, make sure your laptop is not in a boot condition.charge. Usually the brightness on the screen will dim slightly after activating the power saving mode and there is also a different battery icon in the toolbar.

Hopefully useful and good luck