How to Enable the Clipboard in Windows 10

The clipboard or clipboard is useful for saving various copied text or images for later use. Previously to do this required additional programs, but in Windows 10 there is a built-in Clipboard feature that is easy to use.

This feature allows you to save any copy of the text or image you’ve ever done. That way you won’t lose a copy and can be used next time. Of course this is very advantageous for someone who often summarizes.

By default this Clipboard feature is turned off in Windows 10, so users have to enable it manually in the settings to use it. And here’s how to activate it.

How to Enable the Clipboard Feature in Windows 10

  1. Click START and click Settings (gear icon).

  2. Click on menu Systems.

    Click the System menu

  3. Next click menu Clipboard.

    Click the Clipboard Menu

  4. In section Clipboard Historyplease activate.

    Enabling Clear in Windows 10

  5. Done, now the Clipboard is successfully activated on Windows 10.

Using the Clipboard Feature in Windows 10

After enabling it, you can try to copy some text. And after that click the button WINDOWS+V to display a previously executed copy of the text.

Using the Clipboard in Windows 10

A dialog box will appear and display all the copies of the text as shown above. And you can choose the copy you want to use with mouse or you can select faster with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Option Clear All at the top right is useful for deleting all copies of the text ever made. And there are also features Pin to lock a copy so that it doesn’t get deleted when you press an option Clear All.

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Syncing the Clipboard with Other Devices

You can sync a copy of the text or image on the clipboard to another computer by logging into the same Microsoft account. So as long as both computers are using Windows 10 and signed in to the same Microsoft account, the Clipboard can be synchronized.

Of course to do this sync need internet access. And unfortunately this feature can only be applied to fellow Windows 10 only. Or with the intention, the Clipboard still can’t be synced directly to the phone keyboard.

At this point, do you understand how to activate and use the Clipboard feature in Windows 10? And even if you experience problems or difficulties in the steps described above, it’s a good idea to comment to get a solution.

Hopefully useful and good luck trying