How to Enable the Track Device Feature in Windows 10

Not only mobile phones have the feature to track devices, even Windows 10 has it. Allows users to be able to track the last position of their laptop if they feel they have forgotten to put it or it may be lost.

Device track feature (Find My Device) is almost the same as the one on the phone. The difference is this feature provided directly by Microsoft and the account holder can do some things remotely when the laptop is lost.

How to activate it is also very easy, for sure you must have a Microsoft account that has been entered in Windows 10 so that later it is synchronized and can use this feature.

Enabling the Find My Feature on a Windows 10 Laptop

Actually, not only laptops, but computers can also activate this feature. Above I gave the title laptop because the device is carried everywhere more often, so the rate of loss of these objects is higher than a computer that is in a fairly fixed place.

And here’s how to activate it:

  1. First of all, please open Windows Settings.

  2. After that click menu Updates & Security.

  3. Then click on the menu Find My Device.

    Click the Find My Device menu

  4. Click on button Change.

    Click Change

  5. And then set it as ON.

    Enabling Find My Feature in Windows 10

  6. Done, the track feature has been successfully activated.

Now you can start to track your laptop from the page Find My Device on the Microsoft website. Make sure you are logged into the same Microsoft account on the laptop so that the device can be detected.

Why Device Not Detected?

In addition, if your laptop is still not detected, it is most likely because the location feature in Windows 10 is not enabled. For that please activate it first.

To activate the location, please go to Windows Settings > Privacy > Location. Then click the button Change and activate.

Enabling Location Features in Windows 10

When the location is activated, surely a few moments later the device will be immediately detected in the tracking feature at Microsoft.

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The track feature in Windows 10 is very accurate considering the location obtained has a high accuracy. And if the condition is that the laptop is lost and is not connected to the internet, what is displayed when tracking is the last location of the device.

So when the laptop is turned on again and has an internet connection, of course you will get an update on the device tracking website at Microsoft.

Hopefully useful and good luck