How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

Facebook has a very strict security system for all accounts. Basically every time there is an attempt or login activity against a suspicious account, the system will thwart it, and immediately lock the account so that it is not misused.

Examples of suspicious activity are using an unrecognized device to log in to an account, or accessing that account through another country (including using an account) VPN). But apart from that, Facebook also has other security you know to protect the account.

That is Two-Factor Authentication. This feature will add double security to the account. The reason is that every time you log in to an account, users will be asked for a verification code to be able to open the account. While the verification code can be obtained in many ways that have been arranged, such as SMS, authenticator applications, and so on.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

There are currently 4 options that you can use for receive verification code when enabling the Two-Factor Authentication feature. Most people activate the SMS option because it is relatively easy and not complicated, and here’s how to activate it:

  1. Open the Facebook app.

  2. Tap option Menu (three strips).

  3. Then scroll down and select menu Settings & Privacy.

  4. And continue pressing the menu again Arrangement underneath.

  5. Next tap menu Security and Login.

  6. Then select on the menu Use Two-Factor Authentication.

    Tap Menu Use Two-Factor Authentication

  7. Now select the desired additional security method, for example Text Message (SMS).

    Enable SMS Two-Factor Authentication

  8. If you select text message, you will be asked to select the mobile number associated with the account.

    Choosing a Phone Number

  9. After that tap the button Lanjutkan.

  10. A few moments later, you will receive an SMS message from Facebook, please copy the code sent.

    SMS messages from Facebook

  11. Paste the code in the column provided.

    Paste Verification Code from Facebook

  12. If you have, you will be asked to write down the account password.

    Enabling Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook

  13. Done, Two-Factor Authentication is enabled successfully.

Although it seems very long to do it, but actually the above method is very fast if you practice it. And if two-factor authentication has been enabled, your account now has double security.

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Add Alternative Method

As I said earlier, that Facebook provides multiple methods to enable two-factor authentication. But Facebook is not only limited to using one method, but can use others as an alternative.

So for example, if your phone number is lost and you cannot receive a verification code from Facebook, then you can still use an alternative method to receive a verification code so that you can still open the account.

For the method, you are free to choose whichever you want. The method is almost the same as above, you only need to follow a few additional instructions after choosing the method.

Hopefully useful and good luck