How to Enable Video Enhancer Feature on Samsung Phones

The features of a cell phone continue to grow over time, and each type of cell phone has different features. The more features, the more users will feel at home in using the phone.

Even on Samsung phones, the features continue to grow every time there is an update to OneUI. But some of the new ones are sometimes hidden and can’t be seen without checking the menu in the settings one by one. For example like video enhancer.

The video enhancing feature in Samsung phones aims to provide users with the best experience in watching videos, especially on video games video player app (including Youtube). Want to know how to activate it? Please continue to read this article.

Enabling Video Enhancer Feature on Samsung

When the video enhancer is activated, the resulting colors in the image will be brighter and clearer. This feature is only available on supported apps, and here’s how to activate it:

  1. Please go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Advanced Features.

  3. Next scroll down and tap menu Video Enhancer.

    Tap Video Enhancer Menu

  4. After that, please activate the feature in the available options.

    Enabling Video Enhancer Feature on Samsung

When you activate it, you will find differences in the sample images displayed there. Try disabling it and then enabling it again to see an immediate difference when using this feature.

And supported applications are listed below. So other than the applications listed there, the video enhancer feature will not be able to be used.

Does Enabling Video Enhancer Drain Battery?

From my own experience, this feature only adds brightness and contrast to supported apps. So this no will affect the battery a lot. Because the purpose of the feature is to make the image of the video look bright and clear.

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In my opinion, Video Enhancer on Samsung phones is more suitable to be applied to the Amoled screen type, so that the resulting image when watching videos is not too dark. Meanwhile, this feature is available on the OneUI version 2.0 to the top.

If this feature can be applied to the desired application, of course it will be more perfect. But so far applications such as video streaming, video player, and so on are always detected automatically, so they can use this video enhancer.

Hopefully useful and good luck