How to Enlarge Screen Display on Samsung Phones

On Samsung Android phones, there are many ways to enlarge the screen. From changing the screen resolution, changing the text style size, changing the DPI from developer mode, and deploying an app. But actually there is a feature to enlarge the screen without destroying the appearance.

Surely this feature is available on Samsung phones that have used One UI version 2.0 and above. Where the advantage of this screen zoom is that all items on the screen will be large, so not just text just.

It should also be noted that this not kind of feature Magnification which requires the user to first double-tap to zoom in on an item on the screen. But this feature will remain level-appropriate zoom which has been set.

Using the Zoom in Screen Feature on Samsung

At first glance, this feature looks like a text enlarger, but actually it’s not just the text that’s enlarged, but all things on the screen, be it icons or so on. In addition to zooming in, you can also shrink the screen display as comfortably as you want.

Here’s how to use the zoom in screen feature on Samsung phones:

  1. Open Arrangement.

  2. Tap menu Appearance.

  3. Then tap on menu Enlarge Screen.

    Tap Enlarge Screen Menu

  4. After that sliding options at the bottom right to enlarge the screen display.

    Enlarge Screen on Samsung

  5. Once done, just click the back button to save.

Now the phone display is successfully zoomed in. Some apps will also have an effect with a larger display, but don’t worry because this won’t interfere with the display UI on the application. So it will look neat.

In addition, you can also shrink the screen display back to its original way swipe left on the zoom in screen option. Instantly the screen display will start to shrink and please adjust it according to your convenience.

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It can be said that this feature is a complement to the text style enlarger feature. If you feel that the text on the screen is still not large enough, then you can use this screen magnifier feature to enlarge the text and also the icons/images that appear on the screen.

By default this feature is not active, so if you have zoomed in and want to set it back, please slide the option to the far left. It will return the screen display to its original state.

Hopefully useful and good luck