How to Enter Tinytan Bakery Without a Bracelet – Julybe Zepeto players have visited Tinytan bakery, in events which was recently held. When you enter the shop, you need to wear a bracelet in order to enter it.

The bracelet, will be used as one of the conditions for players to enter and carry out activities carrying out missions in this Zepeto game.

Did you know that we can enter the Tinytan Bakery shop without having to wear a bracelet? If not and you want to know how to do it, below we will provide complete information.

How to Enter Tinytan Bakery Without Zepeto Bracelet

Before we get to the topic of discussion, which is how to enter the Tinytan bakery without using a bracelet. Possible player There are still Zepeto who don’t know which bracelet to wear when they want to visit the bakery.

To be able to enter Tinytan Bakery, please use the “comfort” variant bracelet with a dark purple pattern. After that, please go to the Magic Door to enter the bakery in this Zepeto game.

By doing this, you have successfully entered wordl where this Tinytan Bakery is located. Also Read: How to Complete the Baskin Robbins Mission

Well, for those of you who want to enter the Tinytan Bakery shop, without wearing a bracelet. You can follow these steps:

  1. First, please login to your Zepeto account.
  2. In the search field, scroll to the Bookmark option
  3. Type in the words “Tinytan”.
  4. Various accounts related to Tinytan will appear.
  5. Click writing #TinyTAN_ Bakery
  6. Then, please click on one of the posts from TinyTAN_ Bakery.
  7. Then click the icon under the three dots (bottom right).
  8. Then automatically you will be thrown into the wordl TinyTAN zepeto. Done

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Julybe that’s what we can say regarding how to enter Tinytan Bakery without using a bracelet. Hopefully with a little information above makes it easier for you to enter the store.