How to Exchange Crypto Coins on Changelly

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service at a friendly price. Changelly supports a large number of exchangeable coins, allowing you to earn as needed.

The performance of this service is almost the same as making an exchange on a crypto coin trading site, it’s just that easier and also the process is instant. The point of instant is that users don’t have to wait a long time to redeem coins.

Rate or The price offered is also not much different from the original price of the coin, but of course there is a difference fee which Changelly is likely to use to get a small profit from each user for its services.

Is it Safe to Exchange Coins on Changelly?

From my own experience, Changelly is a trusted service. I have used his services several times to exchange some coins to Monero and running smoothly without any problems.

Changelly is also often used on popular wallet services to exchange coins for diamonds. One example is in the wallet Coinomi. In addition, they also have a lot of support services that are ready to help you anytime when you want to make a transaction.

And one more thing, this service also has an Android application that can make it easier for you to exchange coins quickly via your cellphone. Lots of good reviews by users because they are satisfied with using it.

How to Exchange Crypto Coins on Changelly

Currently Changelly supports approximately 150 cryptocurrencies. That’s a lot and certainly popular coins are available there. This article will explain how to do it, and here is an example I want to exchange coins DGB (Digibytes) to XMR (Monero).

  1. Open the website Changelly.

  2. In column You Sendselect a coin and also type the nominal balance to be exchanged.

  3. Then in the column You Get Aroundselect the desired coin.

  4. Continue click button Exchange Now.

  5. Now scroll down and fill in the fields Recipient Address with the destination coin wallet address.

    Write the address of the Destination Wallet

  6. Tick ​​on approval, and click the button Next Step.

  7. Next, fill in the fields E-mail with e-mail address. Because the user must register.

    Fill in the Email Field to Register

  8. Then check the approval checkbox, and click the button Sign up & Make Payment.

  9. Now you have to send the balance to the address listed on the screen with the appropriate nominal.

    How to Exchange Crypto Coins on Changelly

  10. If the balance has been sent, now the page will immediately reload, and you just need to wait until the process is complete.

  11. When finished, you will receive an email message from Changelly stating that the coin exchange process has been successful and complete.

    The Exchange Process Has Been Successful and Complete

For the first time doing it, maybe it will feel long. However, the tutorial above is actually very fast and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. And after you send the balance, you can actually close the transaction page without waiting while opening it.

Because later you can still check it through the account history to find out where the exchange process has reached. Estimated time required approx 30 minutes only and the balance must have been entered in your coin wallet.

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How Long is the Exchange Process?

The length of the exchange process depends on the number of confirmations required for the coins you wish to exchange. And the estimate for waiting for confirmation is approx 10 minutes. So if the transaction has received enough confirmation, the Changelly system will immediately exchange it to the coin you want.

After the redemption process is complete, the system will proceed to send the balance and also deduct it with fees fee which can be seen on the screen. And after the balance is sent and get the transaction ID, that’s where the exchange process is marked as successful.

Successful Transaction on Changelly

What If The Exchange Process Takes Too Long?

Changelly is dedicated as an instant exchange service, so if the exchange process takes a long time, for example more than 5 hours, of course there are technical problems that cause the problem.

The solution is to contact the support service via live chat. Please give Changelly the transaction ID so they can check it. Then they will tell you the real obstacle to the exchange.

So far I’ve never had any problems using Changelly, so I can’t explain exactly what the procedure is. However, if Changelly feels that your transaction has gone wrong, it is likely that you will be asked to do it KYC.


Changing coins can be done quickly on Changelly, as the confirmation required is not large. This is what makes the service dubbed as an instant cryptocurrency exchanger.

Apart from Changelly, there are many other similar websites. But some of it requires the user to do KYC, which is very cumbersome. Whereas in Changelly, users don’t need KYC as long as there is no suspicion of the transactions made.

Hopefully useful and good luck