How to find out other people’s Spotify playlists – Spotify users may have thought of seeing a list of songs that friends, girlfriends, or other people play frequently. But don’t know how to do it.

To find out other people’s Spotify playlists is actually not so difficult to do. Users can use the features friend activity to do it. Because by using this feature we can see what song is being listened to.

Then, what is it Friend Activity Spotifyhow to view spotify playlists friends or other people use this feature? for more information related to this, you can read this article to the end.

What is Spotify’s Friend Activity?

friend activity is a feature that allows users to see the activity of friends or other people in the Spotify application. Through features friend activity This way we can know what song they are listening to or often hear.

Besides being able to find out what songs other people are listening to, the Friend Activity feature on Spotify can also provide the opposite benefit, where friends or other people can see what activity you are doing.

Therefore, if you are curious about wanting to try the Sportify Friend Activity feature to find out other people’s sportify playlists. You can activate it via a laptop, computer, or PC. Because, this feature only supports these devices.

How to Activate Friend Activity on Sportify

To turn on the friend activity feature of the Sportify application, it’s not that hard to do. Because by activating this feature, users can see the list of songs played by your Spotify friends. Here’s how to see your friends listening to songs on Sportify:

  • Please open Spotify via laptop, computer, or PC
  • Click the ‘triangle’ icon next to the username, then select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Scroll down until you find the ‘Display’ option
  • Now just activate the friend activity by sliding the settings button until it lights up. Show Friend Activity (See what your friends are playing).

By doing this, the friend activity will be active and you will see your friend’s activity on sportify.

Who Can See Friend Activity on Sportify?

People who can see Playlists through the Sportify friend activity feature are your followers on Spotify. This can also mean that all of our Spotify account followers can see what we are playing. Vice versa.

However, to be able to view or find out someone else’s Spotify playlist, you also need to follow that person or can be said to be a friend on Spotify. If he activates the friend activity feature, then we can know what music they are listening to.

How to Hide Spotify Playlists From Others

For Spotify users who do not want to know the activities carried out in this music application. Then you can listen to songs in Private Session only. So, the friend activity feature is not able to see what activities are being carried out.

When a user listens to a song using Private Session mode, Spotify followers won’t know what you’re listening to alias hindered. Users can activate it by going to Settings, then in the Social section turn on the button in the Private Session settings. Easy isn’t it?

That’s the information we can convey related to an easy way to find out your friends’ activities on Spotify. Hopefully the little information we convey makes it easier for Spotify users to be able to see the activities of other users through this friend activity feature