How to find out the Shopee Express 2022 Courier Number – Julybe Shopee application users who often use Shopee Express services to deliver goods have thought of being able to find out the courier number that delivered this package.

Because when we experience problems such as slow delivery of goods, we can directly contact the Shopee Express courier’s cellphone number.

However, sometimes customers have trouble knowing the Shopee Express courier’s cellphone number. Don’t know how to get the delivery number for this popular Shopee marketplace.

Well, below we will provide an explanation regarding how to find out the Shopee Express courier cellphone number. So, if an item is lost or damaged during shipping, the customer can contact him directly.

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Shopee Express Goods Delivery Service

Shopee Express is one of the Shopee application delivery services that can be used by sellers specifically with the responsibility for shipping in the hands of Shopee.

There are several types of Shopee Express services that customers can use for the process of shipping goods. It is good, Standard, Sameday, Instant, and Economical. More details, please check below!

  • Standard: Shopee Express delivery service that loads up to 50kg of goods for access outside Java. As for the Java area itself, the maximum weight of goods that can be transported is 200 kg. And the maximum packaging time in this service is 2 days.
  • same day is a Shopee Express delivery service with a maximum duration of 1 day. with the provisions, the maximum weight of 7 kg.
  • Instant is a Shopee Express service which is almost the same as sameday, but has a different maximum weight, which is 20kg.
  • Economical is a Shopee Express service package that can be used to send goods outside Java. With the provisions of the maximum weight of goods is 50 kg.

Shopee Express Operating Hours

After the customer knows the types of Shopee Express. We will also provide information about the working hours of the Shopee Express delivery service office.

Customers need to know that office working hours and Shopee Express courier work hours are different. Because the work methods and responsibilities of each employee are also different.

The Shopee Express office is open Monday to Sunday from 10 to 9 pm. As for couriers or freight forwarders, their working hours are from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 20 pm.

If something unexpected happens, the customer can make a complaint during the working hours we mentioned above. So that complaints are responded to faster and problems are resolved faster.

How to find out the Shopee Express Courier Number

Customers actually don’t need to contact the courier who delivers the goods you buy directly. Because, when the delivery is near the location of the goods they will contact you.

Shopee Express couriers contact customers to confirm addresses. So we don’t need to know the numbers of the Shopee application couriers.

If you experience problems in the process of delivering packages or goods. Customers can directly contact the Shopee Express expedition. Submit your complaint to the manager of this Shopee goods delivery service.

Well, we also include a contact that can be contacted if you experience problems in shipping goods when using Shopee Express services. Please check below:

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to find out the Shopee Express 2022 courier number. I hope the little information we share is useful for all of you. Thank you and hopefully useful.