How to fix a laptop keyboard not working 2022

Hello friends, see you again in this article. Well this time we will discuss how to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work.

Laptop keyboard not working? Well, in this article, we will discuss how to fix a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work, have you ever experienced a laptop keyboard not working? Or broken

Most of you may have experienced this, sometimes a button that doesn’t work appears, every day there are more buttons that don’t work, and over time, more and more buttons don’t work. For that reason, what causes the laptop keyboard to not work?

Many factors can occur, resulting in the laptop or laptop keyboard suddenly jamming and not working. This could be due to software or hardware problems.

Well actually to fix a laptop with a dead keyboard, there are many ways we can do, to reactivate a laptop that has a stuck keyboard.

A broken or malfunctioning laptop keyboard will be an obstacle for us to work, especially if we use a laptop for work, before going to the discussion on how to fix a laptop keyboard that can’t work, let’s identify the causes of the keyboard not working as follows:

Full of dust or a lot of dirt inside the keyboard. Usually food residue or dust that sticks to the keyboard will cause the keyboard keys to not work.

Water hit

if the laptop or pc is exposed to water, this will also affect the keyboard so it doesn’t work properly.

Hardware Crash

This could be in the form of a pad on the keyboard that is damaged and must be replaced or repaired immediately.

Software Crash

This will also result in the laptop not functioning properly, one of which is that the laptop does not work for the keyboard.



For how to fix a laptop, what you can do is check the num lock key. One of the causes of the keyboard not working, one of the most common is because you accidentally activate the num lock feature.

The function of the num lock itself is to convect the main keyboard part on a PC or laptop that functions as a numeric keypad.


This also needs to be done when the laptop keyboard is not working, this can restore all settings on the PC as before.


The next problem that causes the keyboard to not work is because there is an error in the driver, to check if your driver is an error, you can check in the menu section on the PC if there is a yellow triangle sign, it means an error in the driver.


This also needs to be done so that the keyboard works again. The steps for this are as follows:

#Go to the menu section Then select control panel.

#Then select the menub in the ease of access section

#Click the make the keyboard button and select uncheck


Well, if some of the tricks above have been done but still don’t work, one solution can be to replace the default keyboard. To get the default keyboard, you can buy it through online media. And make sure it matches your laptop brand.

That’s how to solve the laptop keyboard not working, hopefully this short article is useful and thank you.