How to fix an oblong ig camera 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again with Mimin, now on this occasion Mimin will discuss how to fix an oval and even flat Instagram camera.

Julybe some friends have experienced an oval or flat Instagram camera. Well, right in this article, Mimin will discuss how to overcome an oval Instagram camera.

By having many users on Instagram, of course Instagram itself has heavy traffic starting from uploading videos, photos, etc. that users do on Instagram.

With many who present content on Instagram, of course, sometimes some users experience problems, including uploading photos or videos incorrectly. Or like what happened, as we will discuss this time, the camera becomes oval, or even flat.

Sometimes the result of an oval or flat camera makes our photo or video upload less than optimal, of course it makes us annoyed, right?


Sometimes there may be a problem on the server or temporary application that can cause the camera to be oval and flat, thus causing it to fail when we upload videos or photos.

The thing to do is try to research your Instagram application. Or first delete it for your Instagram and then reinstall it via Play Store.

For the first step, it is better to research first, when the research doesn’t work and the camera is still oval or flat, you can then use the second method, which is to delete the application and install it again.

Usually, this method will work to restore the oval or flat Instagram camera. Because automatically we have also been updated with the Instagram application with the latest version.

Next, after deleting and installing the application, then try to open your Instagram story, try to create a story on your Instagram with a size of about 16:9 ratio.

Therefore, my friend can use the default ratio which is around 16:9 then try to make a story,


How to get an ig filter with a viral dj tiktok on your inatagram, you can get it easily. First open your Instagram application, then click on the + sign icon menu on your profile.

Next, my friend can go to the Instagram camera section, swipe left and find the search menu, click on the search menu then type the keyword “dj tiktok” then you will get various types of Instagram filters that use dj tiktok.

To try the filter, please select one of the filters that you want to use, press the try menu to try the filter and click on the arrow to save the filter.

To try it, just click on the try menu, press and hold 15 seconds, then your friend will automatically use the filter and just share it to your Instagram story.

Thus the discussion on how to overcome the oval camera on the latest Instagram 2022, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.