How to Fix Us Detecting Unusual Login Attempts on Instagram (IG)

How to Fix Us Detecting Unusual Login Attempts on Instagram (IG) – Hello friends, Instagram is one of the most popular social media among teenagers. In the Instgaram application you can upload various things such as uploading photos or videos, uploading reels like in Tiktok, Uploading IG TV, creating statuses, and sending messages to other users.

In addition to the Instagram application, you can also follow each other by users. The number of followers you can get is also unlimited. Even at this time there is an Instagram account that has 390 million followers. Of course the number is very large. If you have an account that has a lot of followers, you can use your Instagram to make money, for example with a business or endorsements.

How to Fix Us Detecting Unusual Login Attempts on Instagram (IG)

How To Fix Us Detecting Unusual Login Attempts When Login on Instagram

When an Instagram account already has a lot of followers or followers, then your account is also more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Usually these hackers will try to break into or break into accounts that already have a lot of followers and try to get them in an unnatural way. Usually an account that has been hacked will be used by yourself or sold again to someone else.

When you make a suspicious login attempt to your account, Instagram will send you a message or notification containing the notification “We Detected Unusual Login Attempts” when you re-login to your account. When you get the notification, you will be asked to verify your identity with a security code.

In addition to your account being targeted by hackers by irresponsible people, here are things that could be the cause of the “We Detected Unusual Login Attempt” notification:

  • 1. Someone else is trying to log into your account
  • 2. Too many logins on multiple devices
  • 3. Frequently going in and out of the Instagram account
  • 4. Login using VPN
  • 5. Too often enter the wrong password

When your Instagram account has received a notification “We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt” from Instagram, then you must verify your identity via the phone number or email registered in the account. The confirmation method is in the form of a verification code that you must enter correctly into the form provided.

When you correctly enter the verification code, then you can login to your Instagram account as before. However, if you enter the wrong verification code, then you will not be able to login to your account.

So what should I do if I have lost access to my email or phone number?

Cases like this very often occur by Instagram users, where they have forgotten or don’t remember the email and phone number registered in the account. So they can’t get the Instagram account verification code. One way you can do this is by submitting an appeal to Instagram.

When making an appeal to Instagram, you will be asked for data related to your account and you are asked to explain the chronology in detail. It can also be accompanied by photos or other supporting evidence. If your appeal is accepted, then your account will return to the way it was. However, if your appeal process is rejected, your Instagram account will no longer be able to be opened.

Things to do when you get the message “We Detected Unusual Login Attempt While Login on Instagram”

When you have received the message from Instagram, and you have successfully logged back into your account. Then you have to do the following things to make your account more secure:

Immediately change your account password

The first thing you must do when you have successfully logged into your account is to change your Instagram account password. In creating a password, you must create a password that has absolutely nothing to do with your account or personal data. Never use your name, date of birth, address or other personal data. If you are still having trouble creating a password, please read my article entitled tips for creating a secure and strong password.

Complete your profile on instagram

After changing the Instagram account password, the next step is to complete your profile on Instagram. Especially in the email address and phone number. Because this email address and phone number is very important and can help to recover your account if things go wrong. Because all Instagram verification codes will only be sent via email address and phone number.

Enable instagram two-factor authentication

To improve the security of Instagram user accounts, Instagram provides a two-factor authentication feature when logging into Instagram accounts. When two-factor authentication is enabled, after you enter your username and password, you will be prompted to enter a second security code. The code can be sent via phone number, email address, or google authenticator. It depends on the type of two-factor authentication you have enabled. That way, the security of your account becomes higher.

Revoke access to third-party apps

When using the Instagram application, you must have used a third-party application that is connected to Instagram. For example, an application to monitor the development of followers and to find out who unfollowed. Such third-party applications are not recommended to be used because they pose a high risk to the security of your Instagram account. It could be that the party’s application stores all the personal data you have.

Yeah, that’s roughly what it is How to solve We Detect Unusual Login Attempts When Login on Instagram. This is usually caused by someone else trying to forcibly log into our account. So that Instagram asks you to re-verify your Instagram account.

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