How to Fix Viper4Windows Not Working

Viper4Windows or also known as V4W is a program Audio Effects free which has rich features. User can switch equalizer, increase bass, and so forth. The program was last updated in 2013, but its capabilities remain solid today.

After installing the Viper4Windows program, the audio effects should be felt immediately and can be switched in real time. But there are times when the audio sound still feels the same, and most of this is experienced on a computer or laptop with Windows 10 OS.

So if you don’t feel the difference in audio effects, most likely Viper4Windows still not fully functional. For that, you only need to take a few steps to get it working and you can start setting up audio effects.

Viper4Windows Solution Not Working

There are several steps to take and all of them are very safe. The most important thing right now is to make sure that the Audio Driver that you have activated in the Viper4Windows configuration is correct. And then follow a few steps below.

1. Install the Apo Equalizer Program

Apo Equalizer is almost the same program as V4H, only it has a difference interface inside it. But installing this program will also make the Viper4Windows program work properly.

To download it, head over to the Apo Equalizer page on Sourceforge.

The installation process is still the same, where the last stage is the selection of the Audio Driver, and make sure to choose it correctly. After installing it, please restart the device.

2. Run Viper4Windows Program As Administrator

If you have installed the Apo Equalizer program, you can start opening the Viper4Windows program as an Administrator. If you don’t understand how, please right click on Viper4Windows and then press option Run as Administrator.

Now try to activate an effect, and surely the results will be felt immediately. For best results, it is highly recommended to take effect settings that are widely available on Google.

However, considering that each user’s ear has its own taste, it is also recommended to adjust the effects independently if possible. Meanwhile in the program there are also several equalizer presets that can be selected according to the type of song.

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One conclusion is that Viper4Windows needs the help of the Apo Equalizer program to make it work on Windows 10. And if you want to uninstall this program, make sure to also uninstall the Apo Equalizer program as well.

Viper4Windows is more advantageous for someone who feels that the headset used is less than optimal in making sound. For example bassit’s not tight enough, or trebleis too high, then it can be adjusted through this program.

Hopefully useful and good luck