How to Forward WhatsApp Messages to Other Contacts

Apart from features copy paste, WhatsApp also has a feature to forward messages to other contacts. Allows users to send the same message without having to copy the text, of course this is twice as fast as doing copy paste.

In fact, not only text messages, but picture messages or even videos can also be forwarded to other contacts. And this feature will not display who the main message author is, and only displays a “continue” at the top of the message.

If you have trouble or don’t know how to forward messages on WhatsApp, then it’s very appropriate to enter this article. Because in this article I will share the procedure for doing that easily.

Forward WhatsApp Messages to Other Contacts

  1. Open WhatsApp.

  2. Then long tap on the message you want to forward.

  3. Select the continue icon (right arrow direction) at the top. Here is an example picture.

    Forward WhatsApp Messages to Other Contacts

  4. After that select the destination contact and send it.

    Select Destination Contact

Very practical isn’t it? Compared to copy and paste, of course, forwarding will be faster and all types of content can be sent, aka not limited to just text.

And as I said above, this feature too keep privacy against the primary sender, so that when the message is forwarded, it does not display the primary sender, and only displays an alert.

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The forward message option is indicated by the right arrow directional key. Meanwhile, if the arrow to the left is an option to reply to messages. So don’t be wrong in choosing the icon.

After pressing the button forward or continue, then the screen will show the recipient’s contact. You can choose one or many recipients at once to be included in the group, and you can even make it a status.

Have you had any problems with the tutorial above? Please share it in the comments column for assistance.

Hopefully useful and good luck